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Cardinal Siri before he became the lawful Pope
A Cardinal on the Move: picture of His Eminence, Giuseppe Cardinal Siri of Genoa, Italy, at the Ospedale Galliera
(a Hospital in Genoa of which he was the President) approximately one year before he was elected the Pope
of the Catholic Church on October 26, 1958 A.D., (and) chose the name Gregorius XVII

"Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one heeds her message; neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on with their life of virtue and apostolate, but they do not unite their lives to the message of Fatima. Sinners keep following the road of evil because they do not see the terrible chastisement about to befall them. Believe me, Father, God is going to punish the world
and very soon
. The chastisement of heaven is imminent. In less than two years, 1960 will be here and the chastisement of heaven will come and it will be very great.
Tell souls to fear not only the material punishment that will befall us if we do not pray and do penance but most of all the souls who will go to hell."
(-Exact words of Sister Lucy (visionary at Fatima) in an interview with Father Augustin Fuentes on December 26, 1957 A.D., giving clear forewarning that the imminent chastisement of heaven
for man's sins, would unmistakably occur before 1960 A.D.)


The Siri "Thesis" (FACT) holds that actually Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope, after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, but the newly-elected Pope (Gregory XVII, formerly Cardinal Siri) was *put under grave duress, threatened- prevented from taking the Papal Chair (i.e. publically proclaiming His Pontificacy) and replaced by Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII). There is evidence that in 1958, during the Conclave, the enemies of the Church were threatening "Siri" with mass destruction if he took the Chair of Peter (i.e. as stated "Cardinal Siri" after being canonically elected, accepted the papacy and chose the name Gregory XVII - the 5th column enemies within the Conclave walls themselves, then used ferocious and vicious, real threats against Pope Gregory XVII, if he publically were to announce he was the True Pope.) Pursuant to this thesis, all of the apparent 'popes' after Pope Pius XII were/are imposters (Anti-popes), as "Siri" was the true Pope.

*"Resignation is invalid by law if it was made out of grave fear unjustly inflicted, fraud, substantial error, or simony" (1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 185).

"Siri" (a.k.a. Pope Gregory XVII) expired on May 2, 1989 A.D., and is said to have passed on the true pontificate to an as yet unknown successor, who will emerge in due time after the eclipse of the Church predicted at LaSalette has come to an end. It was a suppressed pontificate in the person of Cardinal Joseph Siri of Genoa, who was canonically elected in 1958, but immediately overthrown, and was intimidated into keeping silent about his status (as were his cardinals) for 31 years.

La Salette is approved by the Church
The Pious Shepherdess Melanie Calvat, Seer at La Salette, France (c. 1846 A.D.)
"The Church will be eclipsed. At first, we will not know which is the true pope." -Melanie Calvat

For, in commenting on this part of the secret, Melanie said to the French Abbot Combe, "The Church will be eclipsed. At first, we will not know which is the true pope. Then secondly, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will cease to be offered in churches and houses; it will be such that, for a time, there will not be public services any more. But I see that the Holy Sacrifice has not really ceased: it will be offered in barns, in alcoves, in caves, and underground." (Abbot Combe: "The Secret of Melanie and the Actual Crisis", Rome, 1906, p. 137)

"Therefore when you shall see "the abomination of desolation" which was spoken of by Daniel the Prophet (Daniel 9:27), standing in the holy place (he that readeth, let him understand) then they that are in Iewrie, let them flee to the mountaines...." (Matthew 24:15-28)

Annotations by the Douay Fathers, 1582 A.D., for the above quote: "... the abomination of desolation foretold, was partly fulfilled in diverse profanations of the Temple of Jerusalem, when the sacrifice and service of God was taken away. But specially it shall be fulfilled by Antichrist and his Precursors, when they shall abolish the holy Mass, which is the Sacrifice Of Christ's Body and Blood, and the only sovereign worship due to God in His Church . . . By which it is plain that the heretics of those days will be special fore-runners of Antichrist." (Matthew 24:15 - "Annotations," The New Testament, 1582, The English College of Rhemes, John Fogny, page 71)

Universal Testimony of the Fathers of the Early Church on The Apostasy:

Cardinal Manning citing the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church about The Apostasy "The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute. First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that Rome shall apostatise from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. ...Then the Church shall be scattered, driven into the wilderness, and shall be for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church."-Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, London: Burns and Lambert, pp. 88-90)

The Will of Christ Jesus for His Church:

Therefore, if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ the Lord Himself (that is to say, by divine law) that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the primacy over the whole Church; or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in this primacy: let him be anathema. (The Vatican Council, Fourth Session, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, - Ch. 2,5 On The Permanence of the Primacy of Blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiff -July 18th, 1870 A.D.)

The Siri Thesis

The Pope in Red

Compiled by

William G. von Peters, Ph.D.

"The following work is based upon the research of Mr. Gary Giuffre' and has been extracted and compiled primarily from his copyrighted newsletters, verbal information as to sources, and other sources I have found." -Dr. William G. von Peters

(Note: the webmaster of added all pictures and their accompanying captions. Also an imperative announcement for all Catholics regarding this Living History was added at the end of the Siri Thesis (FACT) June 2006 A.D.)


Precisions on the Great Disaster (from Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont)

Matt. 24:39: "And they did not understand until the flood came and swept them all away."

"...The Church is persecuted; the Pope leaves Rome and dies in exile; an anti-pope is installed in Rome; the Catholic Church is split, leaderless and completely disorganized..."

7. Pius IX: "There will be a great prodigy which will fill the world with awe. But this prodigy will be preceded by the triumph of a revolution during which the Church will go through ordeals that are beyond description."

Predicted Gregory XVII
St. Malachy: famous for his predictions of the names/list of Popes from his time, until the end of the world

18. From St. Malachy: De Mediatate Lunae ("From the Midst of the Moon", often translated, "From the Half of the Moon"). The biblical symbolism of the "moon" is "the worldly kingdom" or the temporal order." This Pope may therefore be elected from the midst of cardinals who are mainly influenced by worldly ideas (social gospel, etc.), or he may be elected at a time when the forces of Satan (the "Prince of this World") have virtual control of the entire earth via their secret government, possibly even influencing the papal election, so that an agent of the world antichrist government is elected Pope."

De Labore Solis ("Of the Labor of the Sun"): This is the same symbol of that of Apocalypse 12:1-5, of a woman clothed with the sun in labor to give birth to a son, who subsequently rules the earth with "a rod of iron." H.B. Kramer, interpreting the Apocalypse in his Book of Destiny, maintains this figure represents a highly disputed papal election (dispute = labor; woman = Church; sun = light of divine truth).

21. St. Pius X: "I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death."

22. Pius XII: "We believe that the present hour is a dread phase of the events foretold by Christ. It seems that darkness is about to fall on the world. Humanity is in the grip of a supreme crisis."

27. Old German Prophecy: "...The doctrine will be perverted, and they will try to overthrow the Catholic Church..."

33. Nicolas of Fluh: "The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, she will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters."

46.2. Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (17th century): "The fifth period is one of affliction, desolation, humiliation, and poverty for the Church. Jesus Christ will purify His people through cruel wars, famines, plague epidemics, and other horrible calamities. He will also afflict and weaken the Latin Church with many heresies. It is a period of defection, calamities and extermination..."

46.3. "During this period the Wisdom of God guides the Church in several ways: 1) by chastising the Church so that riches may not corrupt her completely; 2) by interposing the Council of Trent like a light in the darkness, so that the Christians who see the light may know what to believe, 3) by setting St. Ignatius and his Society in opposition to Luther and other heretics; 4) by carrying to remote lands the Faith which has been banned in most of Europe."

46.6 "During this unhappy period, there will be laxity in divine and human precepts. Discipline will suffer. The Holy Canons will be completely disregarded, and the Clergy will not respect the laws of the Church. Everyone will be carried away and led to believe and to do what he fancies, according to the manner of the flesh."

46.7 "They will ridicule Christian simplicity; they will call it folly and nonsense, but they will have the highest regard for advanced knowledge, and for the skill by which the axioms of the law, the precepts of morality, the Holy Canons and religious dogmas are clouded by senseless questions and elaborate arguments. As a result, no principle at all, however holy, authentic, ancient, and certain it may be, will remain free of censure, criticism, false interpretation, modification, and delimitation by man."

46.8 "These are evil times, a century full of dangers and calamities. Heresy is everywhere, and the followers of heresy are in power almost everywhere. Bishops, prelates, and priests say that they are doing their duty, that they are vigilant, and that they live as befits their state in life. In like manner, therefore, they all seek excuses. But God will permit a great evil against His Church: Heretics and tyrants will come suddenly and unexpectedly; they will break into the Church while bishops, prelates and priests are asleep. They will enter Italy and lay Rome waste; they will burn down the churches and destroy everything."

51.1 (Nursing Nun of Bellay, 1810-1830): "Once again the madmen seem to gain the upper hand! They laugh God to scorn. Now, the churches are closed; the pastors run away; the Holy Sacrifice ceases."

51.2 "Woe to thee, corrupt city! the wicked try to destroy everything; their books and their doctrines are swamping the world. But the day of justice is come..."

52.2 (Jeanne le Royer, Sister of the Nativity): "I saw a great power rise up against the Church. It plundered, devastated, and threw into confusion and disorder the vine of the Lord, having it trampled underfoot by the people and holding it up to ridicule by all nations. Having vilified celibacy and oppressed the priesthood, it had the effrontery to confiscate the Church's property, and to arrogate to itself the powers of the Holy Father, whose person and whose laws it held in contempt."

Ven. Anna-Katrina Emmerick spoke about Pope Gregory XVII
Ven. Anna-Katrina Emmerick prophesied about a True Pope and a False (Anti) Pope

53.1 (Ven. Anna-Katrina Emmerick): "I saw also the relationship between the two popes. . . I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness..."

53.2 "Once more I saw that the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it."

Comment: Many prophecies predict an anti-pope and a schism.

53.3 "I saw a strange church being built against every rule. . . No angels were supervising the building operations. In that church, nothing came from high above. . . There was only division and chaos. It is probably a church of human creation, following the latest fashion, as well as the new heterodox church of Rome, which seems of the same kind..."

53.4 "I saw again the strange big church that was being built there (in Rome). There was nothing holy in it. I saw this just as I saw a movement led by Ecclesiastics to which contributed angels, saints and other Christians. But there (in the strange big church) all the work was being done mechanically (i.e., according to set rules and formulae). Everything was being done, according to human reason..."

53.5 "I saw all sorts of people, things, doctrines, and opinions. There was something proud, presumptuous, and violent about it, and they seemed to be very successful. I did not see a single Angel nor a single saint helping in the work. But far away in the background, I saw the seat of a cruel people armed with spears, and I saw a laughing figure which said: 'Do build it as solid as you can; we will put it to the ground.'"

Comment: Two different churches seem to be indicated in this passage. First, a puppet church set up by the Communists, and a "strange church" comprising "all sorts of people and doctrines" (perhaps in the name of Ecumenism), which will follow modern trends. This church is "unholy and humanistic," but it is not Communist inspired, otherwise the Communists would not want to pull it to the ground. This church is either the true Catholic Church after it has bee completely subverted from within, or it is a new church claiming to be the true Catholic Church, if two popes are elected at the same time. Some prophecies seem to warrant the inference that the true Catholic Church will disappear completely for a while as an organization, but, although disorganized, it will survive in the persons of the faithful members of the clergy and laity who will go underground.

53.21 "Among the strangest things that I saw, were long processions of bishops. Their thoughts and utterances were made known to me through images issuing from their mouths. Their faults towards religion were shown by external deformities. A few had only a body, with a dark cloud of fog instead of a head. Others had only a head, their bodies and hearts were like thick vapors. Some were lame; others were paralytics; others were asleep or staggering."

53.23 "Then, I saw that everything that pertained to Protestantism was gradually gaining the upper hand, and the Catholic religion fell into complete decadence. Most priests were lured by the glittering but false knowledge of young school-teachers, and they all contributed to the work of destruction."

A Vatican II Sect Altar
"And we ourselves experience this, that when we enter ornate and clean Basilicas, adorned with crosses, sacred images, altars, and burning lamps, we most easily conceive devotion. But, on the other hand, when we enter the temples of the heretics, where there is nothing except a chair for preaching and a wooden table for making a meal, we feel ourselves to be entering a profane hall and not the house of God."
(-St. Robert Bellarmine, Octava Controversia Generalis, liber II, Controversia Quinta, caput xxxi.)

Comment: 6 non-Catholic ministers were invited to Vatican 2 in order to "help" in the changes of the Liturgy, break down the altars, place the tabernacle elsewhere, and set up a Cranmer table.

53.24 "In thence days, Faith will fall very low, and it will be preserved in some places only, in a few cottages and in a few families which God has protected from disasters and wars."

53.25 "I see many excommunicated ecclesiastics who do not seem to be concerned about it, nor even aware of it. Yet, they are (ipso factor) excommunicated whenever they cooperated to [sic] enterprises, enter into associations, and embrace opinions on which an anathema has been cast. It can be seen thereby that God ratifies the decrees, orders, and interdictions issued by the Head of the Church, and that He keeps them in force even though men show no concern for them, reject them, or laugh them to scorn."

53.30 "I saw that many pastors allowed themselves to be taken up with ideas that were dangerous to the Church. They were building a great, strange, and extravagant Church. Everyone was to be admitted in it in order to be united and have equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics [Ecclesia dei and Lefebvre?], sects of every description. Such was to be the new Church. . . But God had other designs."

1500 Year Old Prophecy Fulfilled
1500 Year Old Prophecy Fulfilled by Antipope Paul VI

55. The Prophecy of Premol (5th century): "...And I see the King of Rome with his Cross and his tiara, shaking the dust off his shoes, and hastening in his flight to other shores. Thy Church, O Lord, is ton apart by her own children. One camp is faithful to the fleeing Pontiff, the other is subject to the new government of Rome which has broken the Tiara. But Almighty God will, in His mercy, put an end to this confusion and a new age will begin. Then, said the Spirit, this is the beginning of the End of Time."

Comment: From this prophecy, it is clear that the true Church will be faithful to the Pope in exile; whereas, the new Pope in Rome will be, in fact, an anti-pope. But, since a number of other prophecies tell us that the true Pope will die in his exile, it follows then that the true Church will be leaderless for some time. Then, it is not difficult to anticipate what the anti-pope and renegade "hierarchy" and clergy will say: "See, you so-called Pope is dead; and who can give you a new Pope now? Our cardinals have already elected the new Pope, he is here in Rome." And, indeed, since the true Church will be completely disorganized, and the faithful Cardinals isolated, no new true Pope could be elected, and thus a large number of Catholics will be misled into accepting the leadership of the anti-pope.

Such a schism could not happen if the Pope followed A. C. Emmerick's advice: "to stay in Rome". "But", she said, "the Pope is still attached to the things of the earth." And, as is said elsewhere, "He will want to save what he thinks can be saved." In other words, the true Pope, whoever he is at that time, will use his human judgment and leave Rome, instead of remaining firm in the face of the invaders.)

84. St. Thomas' Apocalypse -- Apocrypha (1st century): "Every man shall speak that which pleaseth him, and my priests shall not have peace among themselves but shall sacrifice unto me with deceitful minds. Then shall the priests behold the people departing from the House of the Lord and turning unto the world. The House of the Lord shall be desolate and her altars will be abhorred. The place of holiness shall be corrupted, and the priesthood polluted."

85. Holzhauser (17th century): "The Great Monarch will come when the Latin Church is desolated, humiliated, and afflicted with many heresies..."

86. B. Rembordt (18th century): "These things will come when they try to set up a new kingdom of Christ from which the true faith will be banished."

87. Oba Prophecy: "It will come when the Church authorities issue directives to promote a new cult, when priests are forbidden to celebrate in any other, when the higher positions in the Church are given to perjurers and hypocrites, when only the renegades are admitted to occupy those positions."

88. Ven. Anna-Kartarina Emmerick (19th Century): "I saw again the new and odd-looking Church which they were trying to build. There was nothing holy about it... People were kneading bread in the crypt below... but it would not rise, nor did they receive the body of Our Lord, but only bread. Those who were in error, through no fault of their own, and who piously and ardently longed for the Body of Jesus were spiritually consoled, but not by their communion. Then, my Guide [Jesus] said: 'THIS IS BABEL.' [The Mass in many languages]." (This prophecy was made circa 1820 by Anna Katarina Emmerick, a stigmatized Augustinian nun and is recorded in The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich by Rev. Carl E. Schmoeger, C.SS.R.)

Comment: The New Missal is an ominous sign of the destruction to come, and these dire forebodings are in complete accord with what the prophecies say, and which can be paraphrased thus: "They wanted to make a new Church, a Church of human manufacture, but God had other designs. The false Church shall be destroyed, and the enemy shall overcome Rome. The pastors shall be scattered, persecuted, tortured, and murdered. The Holy Father shall have to leave Rome, and he shall die a cruel death. An anti-pope shall be set up in Rome."

...In the 15th century, the Church's great sin was immorality, but Faith was alive. Then came the Reformation, and the wars of religion. Today, however, the Church's sin is even greater because it is a sin against the first of the cardinal virtues, namely Faith. The punish must needs be commensurate. The latest and most significant contribution to the process leading up to this is the New Missal, a pre-heretical [sic] rite, which has made the Mass as changeable as the passing fashions of the world.


Cardinal Siri

The Pope in Red
"Cardinal Siri" (The Pope in Red)

At the 1958 conclave Siri was only 50 years old, and was the most popular cleric in Italy. At 22 he was a priest and at 37 he was a bishop. During the war, he organized soup kitchens for the poor. He was a master of labor-management problems, it having been said that he had settled more disputes, without strikes, than any other man in Italy. 1

Cardinal Siri was born 400 years to the date after Christopher Columbus died (May 20, 1506) on May 20, 1906.

He was bishop of Genoa for 41 years. Was credited with persuading the retreating German forces in World War II not to blow up the port.

Being made a Cardinal
Cardinal Siri pictured receiving the red biretta from Pope Pius XII
(Rome, January 12th, 1953 A.D., Feast of Pope St. Fabien, Martyr)

He was Pius XII's chosen successor.

Expired on 2 May 1989 (Feast of Saint Athanasias) while saying "Tibi Domine", Thine, Lord.

In 1967 he declared that for him the Council was "difficult labor and a very great suffering."

Upon his advice Pope Pius XII halted the worker-priest movement, used all of his influence in realizing the famous "Monitum" of the Holy Office against Teilhard de Chardin, and forced John XXIII to promulgate it. Radically opposed to Evolutionism. Because of his spectacular intervention Paul VI renounced at the last minute his intention to integrate "Synodal Fathers" into the Sacred College, as electors of the Conclave. Forbade his seminarians from visiting Taize. 1988 - "Aids is a chastisement from God." For Siri the major Evil has been the abolition of Hope, the transmutation of the Saving Mission of the Church into material Messianism, the primary sign of which is the "conspiracy of silence on the Last Times."

Cardinal Siri
Monsignor Siri
At the end of World War II, Monsignor Siri meets with officials of the Allied Forces at the Tursi Palace in Genoa.
He saved the city from destruction by persuading the retreating German Army not to blow up the port.

"In the pontificate of Pius XII Siri had been a prodigy, becoming bishop in 1944 and cardinal in 1953. He was said to have been Pius' designated successor, and fought a rude battle with Roncalli in the 1958 conclave....

Cardinal Siri did not like Pope John XXIII. He once said that 'it will take the Church fifty years to recover from his pontificate.' He did not like Pope Paul VI, who completed the Council, an event described by Siri as 'the greatest disaster in recent ecclesiastical history' (and by 'recent' he meant in the last five hundred years). Not surpassingly, therefore, the Council was implemented in Genoa with foot-dragging slowness. Altars did not face the people. Evening Masses were discouraged. Women in trousers were denounced."2

Pope in Exile
"Siri" was rabidly anti-Communist, an intransigent traditionalist in matters of church doctrine.
"I am the most relentless enemy of communism because it destroys man, destroys the economy, destroys everything. ... I remember going to Pius XII once, and I saw on his desk, otherwise perfectly empty, two books: one was on collegiality. He asked me what I thought about it: 'Holiness, throw it out. I read it and there is nothing good in it.' ... And there are those who define Rahner as 'the number one theologian.' But I smell errors from far away; it is a matter of sniffing." -Quotes from "Cardinal Siri" (30 Days Magazine January 17, 1985 A.D.)

He termed Vatican II "the greatest mistake in history"3 From the book, The Unelected Pope; Giuseppe Siri, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church (1993), by Benny Lai, pp. 296-297, from the last recorded conversation with Cardinal Siri. The numbered items are from the book, the comments from Sangre de Cristo Newsnotes.

1. "On September 18, 1988, Cardinal Siri concluded his last recorded conversation with the author by saying: 'A Pope just barely elected (save by a miracle, and the Lord never does useless miracles) - so what does he know, this poor man, of this duty which faces him?"

An admission of Siri's election. Siri did attempt to publicize his election, but the media refused to print it as the media was already under control of the Freemasons.

"Cardinal Siri" (a.k.a. Gregory XVII) giving the Benediction (Genoa, Italy)

2. 'It is necessary for him to be integrated into his new position. The question which defines and completes a pontificate is the choice of the Secretary of State because he is the one who must educate the Pope.'

This statement was made only three months after Siri had reportedly appointed *Monsignor Carlo Taramasso, of Santa Marinella (near Rome) as one of his cardinals (*he was made a Cardinal in June, 1988 -Webmaster), who would become his chief confidant and advisor, until 16 March 1989, when Taramasso suddenly and mysteriously died, ten weeks after a visit from the infamous "Cardinal" Casaroli of the Vatican.

3. 'Not all Popes become such after having been through the school to become one.'

Notice, he does not say, "Not everyone becomes a Pope after having gone through the school to become one," but, "Not all Popes become such..." This could be interpreted to mean that not every Pope is allowed to function as a Pope even after the process of his having been made Pope.

4. 'The schooling, even without his wanting it, occurs before the election, during which time, the position, his adequacy for the position, and his faithfulness to the position are properly combined.'

There is mounting evidence, some of which can be gleaned from the book, "The Unelected Pope," that Siri was being prepared by what he thought was training for the papacy (when he was first contacted in Genoa, in the mid-1950s, by Soviet diplomats to be an intermediary between them and Pius XII), but which was in reality a process of intimidation and entrapment in order to set him up to be elected Pope at a future conclave, only to be forced to relinquish the public exercise of his office, by the threat of a monstrous, bloody persecution of the faithful in Eastern Europe, and by the threat of schism by the French hierarchy who, from the start of the conclave, promoted his candidature to the other cardinals in order to carry out their devilish plan. They also threatened the setting off of a hydrogen bomb to destroy the Vatican and its officials. Under the cover of conclave secrecy the blackmail was delivered to the "barely elected" and stunned, new Pope by France's Cardinal Tisserant, who was an agent of the B'nai B'rith, the Talmudic master-lodge of the Masonic and Marxist world powers. Before the end of his life, Siri began to acknowledge and lament openly, as these cryptic passages suggest, his inability to fulfill the duties of his office as Pope, during the ordeal of his 30 year long exile.

Nuclear Terrorism
The Church's enemies evil agenda was to force "Siri" (a.k.a. Pope Gregory XVII)
to relinquish the public exercise of His office, by any means possible.

On pages 607 to 609 of his book, "The Keys Of This Blood," Malachi Martin, perennial insider and eye-witness to the '63 Conclave, admits that Siri was elected Pope (again) in 1963, but that his election was "set aside" because of an outside "communication" (interference) by an "internationally based organization", regarding a "grave matter of [Vatican] state security." He then tries to justify outside interference of the conclave if it is conducted "by authorized persons" or if "the very existence of the Vatican City-State or its members or dependents" were at stake.

Pope Gregory XVII
A Repentent Pope

5. 'I say this because I have great remorse.'

Why would Siri have "great remorse", other than for allowing the Church to be nearly destroyed by his failure to assert publicly his rightful claim to office for 30 years?

6. 'I have faith in the forgiveness of the Lord and, therefore, I am calm.'

Forgiveness only comes after a firm purpose of amendment from the wrong path we had previously followed. Therefore, Siri must be saying that he had finally taken steps to reverse the tragic course he had taken since 1958, by now defending the Church and her highest office by providing for a valid successor to the papacy.

7. 'In the first two conclaves in which I participated, my candidature was presented by an influential Cardinal. He, himself, told me that all the French were behind him.'

Cardinal Tisserant
Fifth Column Infiltrator (Cardinal Tisserant)

This is undoubtedly Cardinal Tisserant, Dean of the College of Cardinals, who controlled the block of six French Cardinals, and promoted a unanimous vote for Siri to get him elected, only to announce immediately that he was "annulling" Monsignor Siri's election, supposedly to prevent the assassination of the Iron Curtain Bishops which he declared would occur as a reprisal by the Soviets against the Church, for electing an anti-Communist Pope. That such an occurrence actually happened was verified by former Vatican official, Father Jean- Marie Char-Roux on 14 July 1993, in London, England.

8. 'Then others joined the French. The Germans vacillated, then, at some point gave way and joined the rest.'

Here Siri reveals for the first time, his unanimous election as Pope, when finally, the German cardinals "joined the rest" and voted for him on the fourth ballot, at 6 P.M., 26 October, 1958.

9. 'I said no, and if you elect me I will say no.'

Siri did indeed refuse to accept office following the first three ballots, when there was less than an unanimous vote in his favor, and he even attempted to dissuade the cardinals by predicting that he would continue to refuse if they tried to elect him again.

10. 'I have made a mistake, I understand it today.'

But Siri was mistaken on three counts: first, on moral principles, by declaring to the cardinals his unqualified intention to refuse office beforehand, should they later make him Pope-elect. True, it is the prerogative of every cardinal to refuse election to the Papal Office, but this right is not absolute. Cardinal Albini in the 1700 conclave refused the pontificate even when the electors had achieved virtual unanimity in his favor, but was persuaded by the theologians that he could not rightful refuse the office to which he was unanimously, or nearly unanimously elected, for he would then be rejecting the unmistakable Will of the Holy Ghost. Ever since then, this has been an accepted principle in Papal elections. Siri, of course, knew this, and was thus also incorrect in his prediction that he would not accept the pontificate, for by the fourth ballot, when all the cardinals had cast their votes for him, he was morally obliged to acquiesce to their wishes.

Cardinal Siri was Elected
White Smoke Bellowing from the Chimney of the Sistine Chapel October 26, 1958
Siri was the youngest cardinal in the Church when appointed by Pius XII at the age of 47 in 1953.
When Giovanni Battista Montini fell from Pius' favor, it was expected that Siri would succeed Pius in the 1958 conclave.

Thus, overwhelmingly convinced of the plan of God by the unified vote of the electors, Cardinal Siri accepted office, announced his desire to be known as Gregory XVII, and began to prepare to receive the first obeisances of the cardinals. At 6 P.M., white smoke was sent up the Sistine Chapel stovepipe for five uninterrupted minutes by the ministers of the conclave, to the thundering cheers of the delighted faithful outside, while Vatican Radio announced to the world that a new Pope had been chosen. Someone was made Pope that night. If not Siri, then who?

Masonic Agent "Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli leaving for the 1958 Conclave

But Siri's third mistake was to capitulate to the conclave mutineers who, having just promoted his unanimous, canonical election, brutally shoved him aside within five minutes, so as to proceed with a second, invalid election of the Masonic agent Angelo Roncalli, two days later. Hoping to avoid a global, bloody persecution of the Church at any price, Siri did not foresee that he had expedited an alternative and far more terrible spiritual persecution of the Church, which would take the form of the dreaded, heretical Second Vatican Council, convened by antipope John XXIII and ratified by antipope Paul VI. This had been the enemy's principal goal all along, in order to give the appearance that the errors of the French Revolution were finally to be "consecrated" from the pinnacle of power within the Church's visible structures. This step was absolutely necessary to the "powers of darkness", so that they could place Masonic agents upon the Chair of Peter, who would be devoid of any guidance by the Holy Ghost, to spread the disease of heresy worldwide with the obedient cooperation of an unsuspecting clergy, while exiling the true Papal authority from Rome, and covering it up with a false authority. The Catholic Church's ancient enemies had pulled off a "coup d'etat" inside the headquarters of the Church's government. The true Church was now "in eclipse", as foretold by Our Lady of La Salette.

Our Lady of La Salette
"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
(Words spoken by Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition)

11. 'Today? I have understood it for many years. I have done wrong because I should have avoided taking certain actions. I wish to say - but I am afraid to say it - making certain mistakes.'

Next to hiding his claim to the Papacy from the Church, Siri's most deadly mistake was his participation in the bogus Second Vatican Council and his signature to its poisonous decrees. It should be noted, however, that Siri's signature was not rendered in his official capacity as Pope but was written simply as "Giuseppe Cardinal Siri", and was undoubtedly coerced. Thereafter he announced: "We will not be bound by these decrees."

12. 'Thus I have had great remorse and I have asked the forgiveness of God. I hope that God forgives me.'

Reduced to a helpless bystander, Siri agonized over his having allowed the near destruction of the Church and the loss of countless souls over a generation. His failed policy of trying to "reason" with the wolves in sheep's clothing rather than to sound the alarm to the lambs that they were being led to the slaughter by false shepherds, caused incalculable harm to the faithful. Siri's last confessor, Padre Candido Caponni, testified in Genoa, Italy, on 12 October 1992, that in his final days, Siri repeatedly expressed fear of the terrible Judgment of God that would soon be upon him "for not having lived up to his responsibilities."

13. 'Yes, in the last two conclaves my candidacy was [again] brought forward, but I did not repeat the same statement I had made at the other times. I told myself: I can't do it [what I did at the other times]. What will be, will be.'

Between the two conclaves of August and October, 1978, Siri defended his public record to the news media against the negative image of him presented by those who dreaded the possibility of his finally gaining control of the Church's structures, such that he was described by U.P.I. as "campaigning for the papacy."

14. 'I have gotten out of it well enough anyway, but at the last conclave, I think, Wyszynski went to find my secretary, telling him: "It is done, you will be the secretary of the Pope.'"

Until that time, Siri's status as Pope had been hidden from the faithful, allowing him to forestall the consequences of the terrible threats that had been brought against him. But with Cardinal Wyszynski's announcement to Siri's secretary, the disclosure of the Siri pontificate was nearly leaked to the outside world. What if it had been exposed that Siri had cooperated in the fraudulent elections of two, or perhaps three antipopes? The possibilities for disgracing the soon-to-be-acknowledged Pope were endless. But why did the cardinals remain silent, it is often asked? Potentially scandal-ridden by unconventional lifestyles, many of the cardinals had been checkmated by agents-provocateurs such as Malachi Martin, who admitted to journalist, Benjamin Kaufman, that he had been brought into the Vatican by the Jewish "Cardinal" Bea to dig up dirt on prelates targeted for blackmail. Martin boasted that he had been "shaking long-closeted skeletons in the faces of cardinals who didn't quite want to do what Cardinal Bea and the pope wanted at the Council... 'I saw cardinals sweating in front of me'. Martin recalled... It was heady, having that power, 'and I began to enjoy it.'" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 22 December 1973)

15. 'I entered the conclave in a state of agony. I remember that I went to sit in a chair in the rear of the Pauline Chapel as one torn. I was in a state of agony.'

Siri does not relate the conclave events in chronological order. The scene in the Pauline Chapel, which had to have occurred before the decisive vote, is reminiscent of a similar episode just prior to the election of Pope Pius X in 1903, widely reported about the holy Pontiff. Like his saintly predecessor, Siri was certain he would emerge from the conclave to be acknowledged by the world as Pope. But unlike Saint Pius X, Siri was caught in a sinister trap, for the fourth time.

16. 'God has saved me. How? Yes, a Cardinal had come to tell me what had happened. I cannot speak of it.'

The old Soviet threat to millions of the faithful was renewed, and once again, the "bait and switch" routine was repeated at the conclave, that is, a seemingly canonical election of Siri to the papacy takes place, only so that his public claim to office could be once more be suppressed, which demoralizes and intimidates a whole new group of "cardinals." Thus, in exchange for a false peace, Siri caved-in to a further consolidation of the Vatican's surrender into the hands of the government of Antichrist, without a shot being fired. Siri again declines to explain clearly what had happened, saying only, "I cannot speak of it," which is a repetition of his earlier refusals to reveal the dark cloud he had come under, when he would repeated say, "I am bound by the secret." In 1985, he described the secret as "horrible."

The Hidden Pope
The Hidden Pope
"I have lived a very long life, and I have known men... and traitors. But I have never revealed the names of the traitors. I do not perform the work of the executioner. I know, however, how much it costs to speak the truth. They have not succeeded in making me ill, but they have succeeded in making me sad and depressed. But Jeremiah had enough lamentations; there's no need for me to add to them."
(Words of "Cardinal Siri" 30 Days Magazine January 17, 1985 A.D.)

17. 'But believe it... I have seen well the course of history over these long years, I have seen it well. And I also think I have even had the proper eyes to see it. I have worn glasses but I saw it well.'

Siri says he had "proper" eyes (or in other words, the eyes of a Pope) in order to see what was going on, the infirmities of age, notwithstanding.

18. 'Now I desire to leave this world without disturbing history and, therefore, let the others do that which in conscience they believe. I ask only that no lies are told and that is enough.'

Pope Gregory XVII
The Suffering Pontiff: His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII
Although betrayed by His Cardinals beginning the day of His Divine Election on October 26, 1958 A.D., put under constant surveillance, a documented death-threat, and having absolutely no temporal-arm to turn to for help- Pope Gregory XVII (whose pontificate precisely fulfilled Our Lady of Fatima's warning, that if people do [did] not stop offending God by their sins, that: "...the Holy Father will have much to suffer...") by a near miraculous occurrence in the Spring of 1988 A.D., shortly before His death; did perform the proper actions to carry on the True Hierarchy (Mission) of the True Church.

Siri knew at age 82, he is not capable of leading the battle that is surely to come to overthrow Freemasonry's popularized version of history and the illegal system of world government for Anti-Christ currently being prepared with the active assistance of the usurpers of the Vatican. For the first time, Siri speaks directly to those who have become aware of his terrible plight, and who seek to bring this hidden, earth-shaking history to light. Of us, he asks only that we speak the truth.


The 1958 Conclave

Predestined to be Pope

Caption from a photo published in 1958 prior to the Conclave of Pope Pius XII: "Pigeon perches on Cardinal's Cap - Genoa, Italy - Giuseppe Cardinal Siri, Archbishop of Genoa, remained unperturbed when a pigeon perched on his cap as he celebrated Mass in the arena of the Orfei Circus here. The pigeon was one of a flock released in tribute to the Cardinal. The Mass, said on an altar set up in the center ring of the Big Top, was attended by circus entertainers and a crowd of Genoese."

The words "pigeon" and "dove" are synonymous. Siri's dove was white. The dove landing on a papabile has always been understood to be the indication of the choice of the Holy Spirit to be Pope.

Pius XII
Picture of Pope Pius XII shortly before his death (Rome, 1958 A.D.)

"When Pope Pius XII fell out with Giovanni Battista Montini... it was presumed Cardinal Siri would become Pope Pius's successor. Pope Pius made him a bishop at 38 and a cardinal at only 47..."4 In fact, Pope Pius XII is said to have named Siri as his desired successor.

In 1958 various traditionally hostile groups such as the World Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith (the Masonic lodge for Jews) carried on a covert campaign for Roncalli.

In Italy, so strongly felt was the inevitability of Siri's election in 1958 that the prophesy of Saint Malachy, describing Pius' successor as "Shepherd and Sailor" (Pastor et Nauta), was commonly attributed to the illustrious Archbishop of Genoa. The maritime city had been his life- long home, where he was born the son of a dockworker. It was the most important seaport in the country, and birthplace of Christopher Columbus. A Genoan newspaper would write:

Genoa Italy
Actual picture of the birthplace of Christopher Columbus in Genoa, Italy

"No one better than Siri could symbolize this motto: he is a pastor of highest virtues, a captain of the ship, born and raised on the sea." (Il Lavoro, Genoa, Italy, May 3, 1989, p. 4.)

"...Moreover Pius XII's protege Archbishop Siri of Genoa, seemed to be endowed with all the gifts calculated to ensure his becoming a second Pacelli, whereas the opposition's own candidate, Montini, was not to be reckoned on as a starter since he was excluded from the Conclave, not having yet been raised to the purple. True, the Pope does not necessarily have to be chosen from among the members of the Sacred College, but the minority certainly could not add to their troubles by advancing his cause. It was also obvious that the 'Pentagon' [Pacellians] were not going to rest passively on their laurels: like Spellman they had all come rushing to Rome, and the first congregation had secured the election of the Chamberlain and of two of their leaders, Canali and Pizzardo, in the interim government of the Vatican City.

Cardinal Siri
Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was the "Hand Picked" Successor by Pope Pius XII

Compared with their activity the calm demeanor of the anti-Pacelli group seemed almost an admission of defeat. How else, for instance, could one account for the French Cardinals' delay in not reaching Rome until a week after Pius XII's death? And could they and their colleagues really expect to reverse the situation largely on the basis of pressure of public opinion, even though there could be no doubt about the rising hostility in both ecclesiastical and lay quarters to the recent pontificate, and the desire for a change?"5

"The grapevine has intimated that fulfilling all the essential conditions (teacher, pastor and father) was Cardinal Siri, Archbishop of Genoa, and that even the Pacellians were solidly behind him. It even named the Pacellians: The Italian Cardinals Ruffini, Tedeschini, Fumasoni-Biondi, Pizzardo, Siri, Mimi, Micara, Canali, Ottaviani, Cicognani; the American Cardinals, Spellman and McIntyre; the two German ones, Frings and Wendel: the two Portuguese, De Gouveia and Cerejeira; the two Brazilians, De Barros Camara and Da Silva; the two Argentinians, Caggiano and Copello; the two Canadians, McGuigan and Leger; the Cuban, Betancourt, the Ecuadorian, Torre and the Irish, D'Alton..."6

Cardinal Siri was Elected
October 26, 1958 6 P.M.
Pivotal Moment in the history of the 20th century Judeo-Masonry takes control of the Vatican structures.

"VATICAN CITY (AP) - Cardinals balloted Sunday without electing a pope.

A mix-up in smoke signals made it appear for about half an hour that Pius XII's successor had been chosen. For a time 200,000 Romans and tourists in huge Saint Peter's Square were certain the church had a new pontiff. Millions of others who listened to radios throughout Italy and Europe also were certain. They were certain. They heard the Vatican speaker shout exultantly: 'A pope is elected.."

"The scene around the Vatican was one of incredible confusion. White smoke from a little chimney atop the Vatican is the traditional signal announcing the election of a new pope. Black smoke indicates failure. Twice during the day smoke billowed from the chimney. At noon the smoke at first came white but it quickly turned unquestionably black. This was the sign the cardinals had failed to elect on the first two ballots, at nightfall white smoke billowed from the slender chimney for a full five minutes. For all the outside world knew, a new pontiff had been chosen.

"Clouds of smoke were caught in search lights trained on the Sistine Chapel chimney. 'Bianco! Bianco!' roared many in the crowd. 'White, white.'

"The Vatican Radio announced the smoke was white. The announcer declared the cardinals at that moment probably were going through the rites of adoration for a new supreme pontiff. For a long time Vatican Radio stuck to its insistence the smoke was white.

Even high Vatican officials were fooled. Callori di Vignale, governor of the conclave, and Sigismondo Chigi, the conclave Marshall, rushed to take up the positions assigned to them. The Palatine Guard was called from its barracks and ordered to prepare to go to St. Peter's Basilica for (the) announcement of the new pope's name. But the guard was ordered back to barracks before it reached the square. The Swiss Guard was also alerted.

"Chigi, in an interview with the Italian radio, said uncertainty reigned in the palace. He added that this confusion persisted even after the smoke had subsided and until assurances were received from within the conclave that black smoke was intended. He said he had been at three other conclaves and never before seen smoke as varied in color as Sunday's. He told newsmen later he would arrange to have the cardinals informed of Sunday's smoke confusion in the hope that something can be done to remedy the situation Monday.

The White Smoke 1958

"The crowd waited in agony of suspense. Any pope elected would ordinarily appear on the balcony within twenty minutes. The crowd waited a full half hour now wondering whether the smoke was meant to be black or white. Doubt set in swiftly. Many in the vast crowd began to drift away. But still there was confusion. News media had flashed around the world the word that a new pope had been chosen.

Telephone calls poured into the Vatican, jamming its exchange. As time wore on and doubts increased, the callers all asked one question: "Black or white?"

"After a half hour, radios began to chatter excitedly that the answer was still uncertain. Only well after the time when a new pope should have appeared on the balcony above St. Peter's Square was it certain that the voting would have to resume Monday at 10 a.m. (3 a.m. CST). The crowd now aware of this, dissipated quickly. Grayish wisps of smoke still spiraled from the chapel chimney..." (Cardinals Fail To Elect Pope In 4 Ballots; Mix-up In Smoke Signals Causes 2 False Reports," The Houston Post, October 27, 1958, Section 1, pages 1 & 7.)

Father Pellegrino, who had already announced repeatedly on Vatican Radio that a new Pope had been elected, finally concluded in frustration after a half hour: "It is not possible to cancel out the impression of white smoke upon 300,000 people; the cause of the error must be sought elsewhere."

Pope Gregory XVII
His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII

According to a knowledgeable Italian priest who had conferred with Cardinal Siri, this conservative bloc was actually successful in electing Siri on the fourth ballot of the first day of the conclave, October 26, 1958, which is the feast day of Pope and martyr, Saint Evaristus, the fifth Pope of the Church. Siri, who was the fifth Pope elected this century, is said to have promptly accepted the office and announced that he would take the name "Gregory XVII." Then, a shrill storm of protest was heard from the reformers, who jumped to their feet to intimidate the new Pope with the threat that they would immediately establish an international schismatic church, were he to emerge from the conclave as pope. Badly shaken, Siri is supposed to have replied: "if you do not want me, then elect someone else" By this one statement, which was taken as his abdication, would come the apocalyptic catastrophe that so quickly engulfed the Church.

1917 Code of Canon Law
1917 Code of Canon Law
"Resignation is invalid by law if it was made out of grave fear unjustly inflicted, fraud, substantial error, or simony"
(1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 185)

Church law provides, however: "...A valid Abdication of the Pope must be a free act, hence a forced resignation of the papacy would be null and void, as more than one ecclesiastical decree has declared."7

When and by whom the name of Tedeschini was first advanced is not known, but it is clearly stated in Scotesco's writings that during one of the ballots he was elected. This must have been after Siri's fourth ballot majority vote.

What had happened to Cardinal Tedeschini could today not even be guessed at, were it not for the 1976 letter of Peter Scortesco, other fragments of his memoirs and additional testimonies concerning the later papal elections. The Masonic masterminds of the 1958 Conclave had no intention of conducting a fair election with Tedeschini publicly emerging as a 'transitional' pope. But his candidacy would be useful to them if it could be sold to the conservatives as a more practical substitute to any attempt to elect Siri a second time. The evidence suggests that the scheme worked. When the old cardinal was elected, his acceptance of the office was instantly quashed, thus demonstrating to the conservative block, the reformers' ability to obstruct any candidate they opposed by whatever means available. (It is reasonable to presume that this was accomplished by threats of violence, secretively delivered to Tedeschini and some of his electors, as such a method would later be used against Siri in 1963.) Once Tedeschini was sidelined, the Pacellian alliance was routed, and the conclave, which continued its search for a "transitional" pope, was maneuvered toward a "compromise" with Roncalli. By the end of the third day of balloting, the elderly cardinals were exhausted and confused, and some were perhaps, even frightened, such that a sufficient number had finally capitulated, giving Roncalli the necessary majority.

5th Column Freemasons
Pilot & Herod Revisited
"Cardinal" Lienart (on left) and "Cardinal" Bea shown Shaking Hands
These Partners in Crime were both members of the Masonic Lodge

"In the case of the Conclaves of John XXIII (1958) and of Paul VI (1963), there were communications (with the exterior). It was thus known that there were several ballots during which, in the first [Conclave], was (elected) [Cardinal' Tedeschini; and, in the second [Conclave], Cardinal Siri. The latter who had only one more vote than Montini (*), had the imprudence to ask that his election be again voted, so that he could reign with a more important majority. And it was then [during the noon recess following the second scrutiny] that Cardinal Tisserant went out to telephone, and when he returned, Cardinals Lienart, Konig, Dopfner and Tarancon [changed their ballots and then] voted for Paul VI [in the scrutinies which followed]. And it was known that these four had relations with the free-masons. Therefore, one can affirm, without mistake, that Paul VI was elected from that sect."8 As will be seen in the quotes for the 1963 Conclave, the who, with which Tisserant met is the B'nai B'rith.

Introibo concludes with the following comments, as quoted in part:

"...Mr. Scortesco was an excellent Catholic, full of piety and zeal. Furthermore, in 1971, we had learned in Rome, from the mouth of a person well informed of the under-currents of the Vatican politics, of the history of the violation of the closure of the Conclave, violation which, itself, would suffice to annul an election..."

The Chattanooga Times for 26 October 1958 lists the rules and regulations applying to the Conclave according to the constitution of Pope Pius XII.

"As soon as they were alone, the cardinals one by one took an oath in accordance with the constitution of Pius XII. The oath concerns four main points. The cardinals swore:

1. That they would observe the constitution of Pius XII faithfully and put all its provisions into effect.

2. That if elected they would strenuously defend all rights of the church, including its temporal rights.

3. That they would keep the secret about all things concerning the election of the new Pope during and after the conclave.

4. That they would not receive or countenance any veto or exclusion from any civil power, even indirectly.

It does not take much thought to realize that John XXIII violated his sworn oath with regard to numbers 1 and 2. And, because of number 4, notably the leaving of the Conclave by Cardinal Tisserant to confer with the Jewish power, the Conclave was rendered null and void, and thus number 3 could not bind _ even though this was a point which John XXIII was particularly demanding about because of the irregularities of the Conclave.



Angelo Roncalli a.k.a Anti-Pope John XXIII, a Documented Freemason
"Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli A.K.A Antpope John XXIII, was a Documented Freemason
(Angelo Roncalli [with hand on right knee] seated next to his "confidant," Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the Radical Socialists
whom he (Roncalli) hosted, along with other officials of the Masonic "Fourth Republic" of France, in 1953)

During Nunciature in Turkey, admitted "into the sect of the Temple" receiving the name "Brother John" - Prophesies of John XXIII, Pier Carpi, p. 52.

"I know Cardinal Roncalli very well. He was a Deist and a Rationalist whose strength did not lie in the ability to believe in miracles and to venerate the sacred." - Carl Jakob Burckhardt, a high ranking freemason wrote in Journal De Geneve, quoted by Carpi.

"The direction of our action: Continuation of the Work of John XXIII and all those who have followed him on the way to the templer universalisme." - Resurgence de Temple, p. 149 - a book edited by the Templers themselves in 1975.

Roncalli the Freemason
Pictured in the middle: Angelo Roncolli (a.k.a "Brother John") in Turkey

During his Nunciature in Paris, "Cardinal Roncalli attended in civilian clothes the Great Lodge where he found again the Jesuit Riquet. His adviser was Maurice Bredet, author of 'Mystic and Magic,' who boasted that he had prophesied the Tiara to Cardinal Roncalli."9

His election proclaimed under a full moon. (See under John Paul II for this significance.)

Roncalli in 1958 took the name of John XXIII, the same name as the Anti-Pope Baldasar Cosa, who usurped the papal office during the exile of the true pope, and for a time carried out his usurpation in Rome itself. The policy in the Roman Church is to never take the name of an anti- pope, was this a cryptic signal?

Wartime preoccupation with supplying fraudulent baptismal certificates to thousands of Hungarian Jews, who were hiding from the Nazis. Putting aside the moral implications of such deception, he cared not if any of the Jews practiced the Catholic Faith, even though some of them had actually been baptized by nuns in Budapest.

Roncalli when Nuncio to France appointed a 33 Degree Freemason and close friend, the Baron Yves Marsaudon, as head of the French Branch of the Knights of Malta.10 This caused a major scandal for the Pacelli papacy.

The same Yves Marsaudon would later gloat: "If there are still some remnants of thought, reminiscent of the Inquisition, they will be drowned in a rising flood of ecumenism and liberalism. One of the most tangible consequences will be the lowering of spiritual barriers that divide the world. With all our hearts we wish for the success of John XXIII's Revolution."11 The dedication and preface for Marsaudon's book was written by Charles Riandley, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of France (Scottish Rite). Riandley wrote: "To the memory of Angelo Roncalli, ... Pope under the Name of John XXIII, Who Has Deigned to Give Us His Benediction, His Understanding and His Protection, ... [and] To His August Continuer, His Holiness Pope Paul VI." Riandley confidently predicted how the policies of Roncalli and Montini would advance the Masonic agenda: "We are convinced of the narrowness of the spiritual, cultural, scientific, social and economic structures which up to our own time, have hindered the actions and the thoughts of man... But these structures have already been shattered in part. Some pontifical decisions have contributed to this. We feel sure that they will be all destroyed eventually... True, not everything is to be rejected; but what cannot be saved will not be saved unless it is renovated." 12

Angelo Roncalli- Freemason
Angelo Roncalli (A.K.A. Antipope John XXIII)
Roncalli insisted upon receiving the red hat from the notoriously anti-clerical Vincent Auriol,
President of the Masonic "Fourth Republic" of France (whom he had described as "an honest socialist").

When elevated to the College of Cardinals Roncalli insisted upon receiving the red hat from the notoriously anti-clerical Vincent Auriol, President of the Masonic "Fourth Republic" of France, kneeling before him to have the red hat placed upon his head.

At social functions in Paris Roncalli was frequently seen fraternizing with the Soviet Ambassador, M. Bogomolov, even though the Soviet Union had resumed its pre-war policy of brutal extermination of Catholics in Russia. Also a good friend of Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the anti-Catholic Radical Socialists (of France)13

Antipope John XXIII
After Roncalli's "election" he summoned the conclavists back for an unusual overnight post-election session:
“John XXIII asked the cardinals to remain in the conclave another night instead of leaving immediately as was customary…to caution them again against revealing the secrets of his election to outsiders...” (Alden Hatch, A Man Named John, Hawthorn Books, 1963, p. 163.)

The Holy Office had kept a file on Roncalli since 1925, wherein it stated, "suspected of Modernism." In 1925, Roncalli, who was known for his unorthodox teachings, was abruptly removed from his professorship at the Lateran Seminary in mid-semester and shipped off to Bulgaria, thus beginning his diplomatic career. Of particular concern to the Holy Office had been his continuing close association with the defrocked priest, Ernesto Buonaiuti, who was excommunicated for heresy in 1926. 14 Following Roncalli's "election" he summoned the conclavists back to the Sistine Chapel for an unusual overnight post- election session, politely threatening excommunication for noncompliance. His principle use of the assemblage was to renew stern warnings against any breach of conclave secrecy (lest some suspicious details might leak out, exposing the irregular events to the public.)

Roncalli received Kruschev's son-in-law and his wife, as John Paul II would receive Gorbachev. They received the personal blessing of John XXIII. On this same occasion, John XXIII was awarded the Soviet Balzen Peace Prize. (According the 1967 World Book Encyclopedia, "peace" to a Communist is the condition when there is no longer any opposition to Communism.) Not surprisingly, John XXIII's Vatican II Council refused to condemn Communism.

Montini the Communist
Roncalli made his Comrade Montini a "Cardinal"

One of his first acts was to make Giovanni Baptiste Montini (the future Paul VI) a cardinal, something Pope Pius XII refused to do after it was found Montini had been secretly communicating with Stalin during World War II. Making Montini a Cardinal positioned him to become "Pope" Paul VI, which was apparently the game-plan all along, as suggested by LIFE magazine's promotion of Montini for Pope in 1956 when he was still only a bishop.

A few days before his death he made a prominent Roman Freemason, Umberto Ortolani, a "Gentleman of His Holiness' a much coveted title reserved for the patrician elite amongst Catholics. It was a sign that John XXIII did not repent of his Masonic affiliations, even on his death bed.

>From 30 Days magazine, Nov. 2, 1994 edition entitled "A John XXIII Update"

"Our readers will remember that in our June 1994 newsletter (Nuclear Horizons) we published a sensational statement by the Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient Order of Freemasons to the effect that 'Pope' John XXIII had been initiated into the Freemasons when he was Nuncio in Paris in the late forties.

We pointed out, that if this statement were true, Angelo Roncalli (john XXIII) could not possibly have been validly elected to the Supreme Pontificate. He would have been intrinsically ineligible by reason of his automatic excommunication under Canon Law (No. 2335). Not being a Catholic, it was not possible for him to be head of the Catholic Church."

Just prior to his death, according to Jewish sources (The War Against the Jew, Dagobert Runes), Roncalli was preparing to make a Prayer of Reparation to the Jews, which denies the Church and applauds the Jews a mandate for all Catholics. It goes:

'We admit that over hundreds of years our eyes were blinded, so as not to see the Beauty of Thy Chosen People and not to recognize the features of our firstborn brother. We admit that the sign of Cain is upon our forehead. For centuries Abel was lying in blood and tears while we had forgotten Thy love. Forgive us, O Lord, the curse we unjustly spoke out over the people of Israel. Forgive us, that in their flesh we crucified You the second time! We did not know what we were doing.'"

At a recent exhuming of the body of John XXIII relating to the advancement of his cause for Beatification, the group of witness present were shocked to find that the body in the coffin was facing downward.


The 1963 Conclave

On pages 607 to 609 of his book, "The Keys Of This Blood," Malachi Martin, perennial insider and eye-witness to the '63 Conclave, admits that Siri was elected Pope [again] in 1963, but that his election was "set aside" because of an outside "communication" [interference] by an "internationally based organization", regarding a "grave matter of [Vatican] state security." He then tries to justify outside interference of the conclave if it is conducted "by authorized persons" or if "the very existence of the Vatican City-State or its members or dependents" were at stake."

Bea the Jew
Antipope John XXIII & "Cardinal" Bea the Marrano Jew

One should note that this is the same Malachi Martin, who admitted to journalist, Benjamin Kaufman, that he had been brought into the Vatican by the Jewish "Cardinal" Bea to dig up dirt on prelates targeted for blackmail. Martin boasted that he had been "shaking long-closeted skeletons in the faces of cardinals who didn't quite want to do what Cardinal Bea and the pope wanted at the Council... 'I saw cardinals sweating in front of me'. Martin recalled... It was heady, having that power, 'and I began to enjoy it.'" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 22 December 1973)

In one of his writings, Prince Scotersco, German cousin of Prince Borghese, President of the Conclave which elected Montini to the Supreme Pontificate, gives the following information concerning the Conclave of 21 June 1963: "During the Conclave, a Cardinal [Tisserant] left the Sistine Chapel, met with the representatives of B'nai B'rith, announced to them the election of Cardinal Siri. They replied by saying that the persecutions against the Church would continue at once. Returning to the Conclave, he made Montini to be elected."

On 18 July 1985 Louis Hubert Remy and Monsieur de la Franquerie and Francis Dallais met with Cardinal Siri. After asking him whether he had been elected Pope in 1963 "He started by remaining silent for a long time, then raised his eyes to heaven with a rictus of suffering and pain, joined his hands and said, weighing each word with gravity: 'I am bound by the secret.' Then after a long silence, heavy for us all, he said again: 'I am bound by the secret. This secret is horrible. I would have books to write about the different conclaves. Very serious things have taken place. But I can say nothing.'"15

"In the case of the Conclaves of John XXIII (1958) and of Paul VI (1963), there were communications (with the exterior). It was thus known that there were several ballots during which, in the first [Conclave], was (elected) [Cardinal' Tedeschini; and, in the second [Conclave], Cardinal Siri. The latter who had only one more vote than Montini (*), had the imprudence to ask that his election be again voted, so that he could reign with a more important majority. And it was then [during the noon recess following the second scrutiny] that Cardinal Tisserant went out to telephone, and when he returned, Cardinals Lienart, Konig, Dopfner and Tarancon [changed their ballots and then] voted for Paul VI [in the scrutinies which followed]. And it was known that these four had relations with the free-masons. Therefore, one can affirm, without mistake, that Paul VI was elected from that sect."16

Introibo concludes with the following comments, as quoted in part:

"...Mr. Scortesco was an excellent Catholic, full of piety and zeal. Furthermore, in 1971, we had learned in Rome, from the mouth of a person well informed of the under-currents of the Vatican politics, of the history of the violation of the closure of the Conclave, violation which, itself, would suffice to annul an election..."

In October 1992 Augustino Chigi, son of the late Prince Sigismondo Chigi, Marshall of the Conclaves of 1958 and 1963, admitted: "When my father and I returned to open the doors of the conclave [following the "election" of Montini] we discovered that the doors had been previously forced open [and the seals broken]... and there was much talk at that time among the Noble Guard that a Cardinal had left the conclave." As stated previously, this was Cardinal Tisserant going to speak with his masters of the Jewish B'nai B'rith.

And, it goes on. According to statements by Cardinal Siri and others, it appears that he was elected at the conclaves which supposedly elected John Paul I and John Paul II. Each time the Siri papacy was suppressed immediately and the conspirators candidate placed upon the papal throne.


Paul VI

Picture of Giovanni Battista Montini (A.K.A. Antipope Paul VI) who attempted to Destroy the Mass
"He who goes about to take the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from the Church plots
no less a calamity than if he tried to snatch the sun from the universe."
-St. John Fischer

"At his coronation as Pope Paul VI, several American newspapers accused him of being a member of the Lodge B'nai B'rith - a photograph served as proof."17

Was known in his seminary days as a notorious homosexual, who wormed his way to high office in the Vatican. In 1954 Pope Pius XII banished him from Rome without the red hat after learning that Montini had betrayed into the hands of Stalin the secret identities of the clandestine Bishops in Russia, causing their arrest and execution. He was greeted on the balcony after his "election" with cries of "il Papa Montinovsky."

30 Days magazine reported in its November 3, 1993 edition that the election of Cardinal Montini to the Chair of Peter as Paul VI was engineered by a large group of Masonic and Modernist cardinals meeting in the home of a leading freemason named Umberto Ortolani just prior to the conclave.

Carlos Vazquez Rangel, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Masons of Mexico, in a 1993 interview with the political weekly Processo stated: "On the same day, in Paris the profane Angelo Roncalli and the profane Giovanni Montini were initiated into the august mysteries of the Brotherhood. Thus it was that much that was achieved at the Council was based on Masonic principles."

In his 1964 book, L'oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition (Ecumenism As Seen By A French Freemason), Yves Marsaudon a prominent Freemason, stated: "The sense of universalism that is rampant in Rome these days is very close to our purpose for existence. Thus we are unable to ignore the Second Vatican Council and its consequences... With all our hearts we support the Revolution of John XXIII... This courageous concept of the Freedom of Thought that lies at the core of our Freemasonic lodges, has spread in a truly magnificent manner right under the Dome of St. Peter's."

Siri Against Montini
"Cardinal Siri" in 1967 A.D., (in the front left corner of picture) is shown to be angry at the imposter "pope" Montini,
while all the others around him "Siri" (a.k.a. Pope Gregory XVII) generously applaud the usurper: Antipope Paul VI

Elsewhere he writes: "Born in our Masonic Lodges, freedom of expression has now spread beautifully over the Dome of St. Peter's... This is the Revolution of Paul VI. It is clear that Paul VI, not content merely to follow the policy of his predecessor, does in fact intend to go much further..."

If one studies Paul VI, one immediately comes across his drive to work, which was that of a workaholic. He was also decisive in his instructions and rule over the government of the Church. This stands in direct contravention of his public "suffering pontiff" role, who was prevented by others from saving the Church. This public image can only be a part of the divide and conquer program which has been vigorously pursued by John Paul II. In it the "Pope" vigorously states orthodox things to mollify good Catholics, but then goes ahead with heretical and unorthodox statements and actions.

"Jean Guitton, a distinguished French writer as well as the great friend and confidant of Pope Paul VI, recently described the Paul "intention with regard to the liturgy... (which) was to reform the Catholic liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with the Protestant liturgy...beyond the Council of Trent, (and) closer to the Protestant Lord's Supper...(making) less room for all that some would call 'magic,' (namely) ...transubstantial consecration, and for all what is of the Catholic Faith; ...there was with Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove...what was too Catholic, in the traditional sense, in the Mass, and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist mass." (Broadcast December 19, 1993 by Radio-Courtoisie, Paris.) This is a shocking revelation."

Wearing the Ephod

12 Stones
Montini Wearing the Jewish Ephod: This object is defined as a richly embroidered, apronlike vestment having two shoulder straps and ornamental attachments for securing the breastplate, the Ephod is worn by the high priest. [Ex. 28:6, 7, 25-28] The twelve stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Not only is this the breast-plate of a Jewish High-Priest, but according to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Mackey, the ephod is also "worn in the (Masonic) American Chapters of the Royal Arch, by the High-Priest as an official part of his official ornaments." The ephod was the vestment that was worn by Caiphas, the High-Priest of the Jewish religion, who ordered Our Lord Jesus Christ to be put to death by Crucifixion.
"[He] knows very well what this 'Breastplate of Judgment,' the Ephod signifies; he knows its origins in the ritualistic dress of the Ancient Covenant [i.e. the Old Testament]; he [Montini] is not ignorant of the fact that Masons today use it as a distinctive mark of their high priest... In their Messianic materialism, the directors of Judaism dream of an implementation of world government wherein they are the masters and we are the slaves. They recognize that the insurmountable wall that lies in the path of this program of conquest is the religious particular, the wall of the Catholic Church. By experience, they know that slander, prisons, even death, does not crush the faith... it only enlivens it. They know very well that in order to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ they have only one road left... INFILTRATION. Thus, the case of Anacletus II is repeating itself; the infiltrators, denounced by Pius X, have invaded the hierarchy and have even captured the Chair of Peter." -Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, S.J. PHD., The New Montinian Church, 1971 A.D.

In addition, he wore the Ephod of a Jewish High Priest with, and often without, his pectoral cross. According to the Jesuit Father Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga, doctor of Theology, Church History, and Canon Law, Montini was of Jewish origin according to the prestigious Blue Book of prominent families in Italy.

He put the "Cardinal" Gregory Baum of St. Louis, Missouri, a Jewish "convert" in charge of textbooks worldwide. Baum has made sure that all textbooks used by Catholic children have been gutted of any negative references to anything Jewish, replacing them with glowing accolades.

Closing the Vatican II Council he sought to bound all the Faithful to its decrees and then proceeded to introduce a new mass, new sacraments including a new rite of ordination, and new religious books in the schools.

Some supposedly Catholic papers, as well as secular magazines, have reported that Paul VI was supposed to have been exhumed and found in the odor of sanctity. However, other sources that that after his burial he stank so badly that the coffin had to be opened several times to put more formaldehyde in to stop the stench.


John Paul I

Alibino Luciani heading to the "Conclave" of 1978

Of the 111 "cardinals" who were voting, 100 were appointed by Montini and 8 by Roncalli. If John XXIII and Paul VI were antipopes, then it would follow that those they had elevated to the Sacred College were, in fact, non-cardinals and as such, would be invalid participants in the papal election. (Study Anti-Pope Anacletus II and Innocent II) Also, Paul VI barred cardinals over 80 from voting - ostracizing 16 senior cardinals from the conclave, several of whom were true cardinals appointed by Pope Pius XII. Thus, among the 111 participating "electors" there were only three unquestionably valid cardinals appointed by Pius XII - cardinals Wyszinski, Leger, and Siri.


1. The conclave could not have concluded canonically, being unanimously overwhelmed with invalid electors.

2. The true Pope Gregory XVII, Siri, was still alive and had never validly abdicated. Thus the conclave had no legitimate function other than to recognize the Siri pontificate.

Following their "election", both John Paul I and II refused to wear the triple crown or "tiara". This coincided with their rejection of the Coronation ceremony and papal oath and consequently, the three-fold papal office to teach, rule and sanctify.

"On August 28, the beginning of his papal revolution was announced. It took the form of a Vatican statement that there was to be no coronation, that the new pope refused to be crowned.

Antipope John Paul I
Alibino Luciani (a.k.a. Antipope John Paul I)
Holy Rule of St. Benedict:
54: Not to speak useless words and such as provoke laughter. 55: Not to love much or boisterous laughter.

There would be no sedia gestatoria, the chair used to carry the pope, no tiara encrusted with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. No ostrich feathers, no six-hour ceremony. In short, the ritual... was abolished.... Luciani, who never used the royal 'we,' the monarchical first-person plural... The 'coronation;' became a simple Mass... With that gesture Luciani abolished a thousand years of history... The triple- decked, beehive-shaped tiara was superseded by the pallium, a white woolen stole around the pope's shoulders."18

"In early September Albino Luciani found that in some mysterious way he had been added to the exclusive distribution list of an unusual news agency called L'Osservatore Politico (OP). It was run by journalist Mino Pecorelli and invariably carried scandalous stories that subsequently turned out to be highly accurate. Now, along with top politicians, journalists, pundits, and others with a need to know first, the pope could read about what OP called 'The Great Vatican Lodge.' The article gave the names of 121 people who were alleged to be members of Masonic lodges. A number of laymen were included in the list, but it largely comprised cardinals, bishops, and high-ranking prelates. Pecorelli's motives for publishing the list were simple. He was involved in a struggle with his former grand master, Licio Gelli. Pecorelli was a member of P2, a disenchanted member.

...If the information was authentic, then it meant Luciani was virtually surrounded by Masons. Recall that to be a mason meant automatic excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church. Before the conclave there had been various murmurings that several of the leading papabili were Masons. Now on September 12, the new pope was presented with the entire list.... The Roman Catholic Church had decreed long ago that it was implacably opposed to Freemasonry. The new pope was open to discussion on the issue, but a list of 121 men who were confirmed members hardly constituted discussion.

"Cardinal" Villot had enrolled in a Zurich [Freemasonic] lodge on August 6, 1966

The secretary of state, Cardinal Villot, Masonic name Jeanni, lodge number 041/3, enrolled in a Zurich lodge on August 6, 1966. The foreign minister, Monsignor Agostino Casaroli. The cardinal of Rome, Ugo Poletti. Cardinal Baggio. Bishop Paul Marcinkus and Monsignor Donato de Bonis of the Vatican Bank. The disconcerted Pope read a list that seemed like a Who's Who of Vatican City."19

"At every mealtime, says Magee, he would say, 'Why did they choose me? Why on earth did they choose me?' 'He was constantly reminding us that his Pontificate was to be of short duration. Constantly saying that he was to go so that he would be replaced by the "Foreigner".'

"...Day after day, says Sister Vincenza [his housekeeper], he insisted that he had usurped the papal chair he sat in. 'Look, Sister, I should not be sitting here in this seat. The Foreign Pope is coming to take my place. I have begged Our Lord.'"20

"I [John Magee, John Paul I's secretary] asked him, 'Holy Father, have you chosen the person to give the Vatican retreat next Lent?'"

He said, 'Yes, I have.' Then he immediately said, 'The type of retreat I would like at this moment would be for a good death.'

He was constantly reminding us that his Pontificate was to be of short duration. Constantly, saying that he was to go so that he could be replaced by 'the Foreigner.' All of this was a great enigma to us then."21 Before I [John Cornwell] left him [John Magee, now Bishop Magee], I asked him, "Do you have one memory of John Paul that stands out?"

Almost without hesitation he said, "You know, he repeated over and over again, 'Why did they choose me? Why on earth did they choose me? He said it every mealtime, repeatedly, every single day of his Papacy. He spoke repeatedly of the 'Foreigner' who was going to follow him. 'I am going soon,' he would say, 'and the Foreigner is coming.' One day I asked him who this Foreigner was, and he replied, 'He it was who sat opposite me during the conclave.' Now, after I had left the papal apartment as secretary to John Paul II, I was appointed master of ceremonies in the Vatican, and I had access to the plan of that conclave for the first time. The cardinal who sat opposite Papa Luciani was Cardinal Wojtyla!"

The bishop was silent for a while. Then he said, "I am convinced that John Paul I had a great insight into the fact of his imminent death."22

A Destroyer
"Cardinal" Agostino Casaroli Speaking at the NWO United Nations (1978 A.D)

"Because John Paul I wished to make an end to the notorious financial transactions between Marcinkus and Calvi, the freemason who was master of the situation through Casaroli, member of the Lodge P2, made him disappear: Surprisingly came the 'strange death of John Paul I', poisoned by Aqua Toffana, as described by J.J. Thiery (on page 153 of his discoveries).

"And what was not less strange: the only witness of this 'strange death', another freemason prelate - identified as such after his death (through the works in his library) - died a few months later also rather suddenly."23


John Paul II

Violation of the First Commandment
The Apostate Vatican II's Poisonous Ideas Take Root
Wojtyla [a.k.a Antipope John Paul II] shown holding trees and worshiping with [not condemning] heretics, schismatics and pagans
at Assisi, October 26, 1986... a direct violation of the First Commandment: “I am the Lord thy God, thou shall have no strange gods before me.”

His "election" proclaimed under a full moon.


The following is from the 1989 copyrighted article of Gary Giuffre' entitled "Polish Communist Party Praises Choice of "Pope"".

"On Monday evening, October 16, satellite TV pictures were relayed from Rome to the whole world of the eerie first images of the new Polish "Pope", Karol Wojtyla; who, like his short-lived predecessor, took the strange double name of "John-Paul." He was spotlighted at night before throngs of anxious Romans who stood vigil in St. Peter's Square with a full moon overhead. The ominous scene was reminiscent of the first appearance at night of Roncalli as John XXIII atop the balcony on the evening of October 28, 1958, as if the two events bracketed the whole nightmarish Vatican II era. For those familiar with St. Malachy's predictions of popes and anti-popes, this foreboding sight recalled to mind his ancient forecast * From the Midst of the Moon *.

An eminent Church historian and student of private prophecy the late Yves Dupont, commented in 1970 on St. Malachy's descriptive vision of a then future claimant or claimants to the Chair of Peter:

*'De Medialale Lunae ("From the Midst of the Moon ". often translated, "From The Half of the Moon"). The biblical symbolism of the "moon" is "the worldly kingdom" or the temporal order." This Pope may therefore be elected from the midst of cardinals who are mainly influenced by worldly ideas (social gospel, etc.) or he may be elected at a time when the forces of Satan (the "Prince of this World") have virtual control of the entire earth via their secret government, possibly even influencing the papal election, so that an agent of The world antichrist government is elected Pope ..." (Catholic Prophecy, The Coming Chastisement, 1970, Tan Books, page 20).

This interpretation could easily refer to the entire dark age of the conciliar antipopes which "eclipsed" the existence of the secret Pope- in-exile. Albino Luciani (John Paul 1) came on the scene at a time that may have been midpoint in this evil period. Since 1978, "mainstream" commentators have commonly thought Luciani to be the "moon-pope," either because his name begins with the first two letters of the word "Lunae," or by the fact that his "reign" lasted just 33 days, slightly longer than one lunar cycle. Few besides Dupont have ever attached a sinister connotation to the "pope" of this prophecy. However. it is usually overlooked that in St. Malachy's chronological list of past, present and future holders or, and pretenders to, the Chair of Peter, there are two other papal mottoes with "lunar" designations. one of which ("Moon over Cosmedin") signifies an antipope: Benedict XIII (1394- 1424). The holy seer's cryptograms about the impostor popes of our own strange century may never be fully understood. Perhaps St. Malachy was alluding to this insidiously obscure and generation-spanning Papal usurpation, by his use of the abysmal description "From the Midst of the Moon." By this mysterious slogan, the pious mystic could have been warning the Church in the end times of not one but several antipopes in a row.

On the night of Wojtyla's first balcony appearance, Rome was still reeling from the abrupt demise of Luciani. Agents of the "secret government" sought quick acceptance of Wojtyla by the people of Rome, lest their criminal theft of the Church's structures be exposed and hence, their continued occupation of the Vatican rendered untenable...." [End quote from article]

Antipope John Paul II
Mocker of the Papacy

Both John Paul I and II refused to wear the triple crown or "tiara". This coincided with their rejection of the Coronation ceremony and the papal oath and consequently, the three-fold papal office to teach, rule and sanctify.

1. De Mediatate Lunae ("From the Midst of the Moon", often translated, "From the Half of the Moon"). The biblical symbolism of the "moon" is the "worldly kingdom" or the "temporal order." This Pope may therefore be elected from the midst of cardinals who are mainly influenced by worldly ideas (social gospel, etc.) or he may be elected at a time when the forces of Satan (the "Prince of this World") have virtual control of the entire earth via their secret government, possibly even influencing the papal election, so that an agent of the world antichrist government is elected Pope..."24 There are two others in Saint Malachy's list of Popes with "lunar" designations, one of which signified the Anti-Pope Benedict XIII ("Moon over Cosmedin") whose anti- pontificate was 1394-1424.

Commenting on Karol Wojtyla's history in Poland, Piers Compton wrote:

"...Many hundreds of his co-religionists in Poland during the thirty years of Communist domination, had undergone petty or serious persecution, many being jailed, some put to death. Yet there is no indication of Wojtyla ever undergoing more than the usual trials that have to be endured by known dissidents. He had not been subject to any sustained or menacing outcry, and his relationship with the Marxist authorities had been the same as that of any ordinary citizen who wore his faith upon his sleeve.

Through it all he must have been called upon, as a prelate, to give not only religious but also social, and even economic advice to those of his faith, advice that must have sometimes conflicted with the governing code. Yet he was never actually silenced, and he was tolerated, even privileged by the authorities, while his religious superior, Cardinal Wyszenski, then Primate of Poland, lived under constant pressure.

A case in point was the granting of permission to leave the country. When the Synod of Bishops was called in Rome, both Cardinals applied for exit visas. The Primate encountered a blunt refusal, but Wojtyla was given permission as a matter of course...

The Revolution Continues
Montini (a.k.a. Antipope Paul VI) making Karol Wojtyla a "Cardinal"

It was formerly acknowledged that differences, when they were in Poland, did exist between the two Cardinals. Wyszynski never yielded an inch when dealing with the controllers of his country. Wojtyla was all for coming to terms and continuing 'dialogue' with them, along the lines that had been established by Paul VI; and what was more noticeable Wojtyla, apart from never actually condemning atheistic Marxism, stood in the way of those who wished to adopt a more militant attitude towards it..."25 "...the carefully cultivated media profile of the pope as a 'strict conservative' conducting a crackdown on Church dissidents. When he was a bishop, Karol Wojtyla was a dissenter himself however, having been instrumental in quashing a formal condemnation of communism at Vatican Council II. Together with Cardinal Ratzinger, Wojtyla shepherded the masonic 'Statement on Religious Liberty' to final inclusion in the Council's documents..."26

"...a few years ago Francois Mitterand, the Communist who is now President of the French Republic, said that 'Man is the future of Man.' It was then left for Karol Wojtyla, as John Paul II, to enshrine that belief in a modern religious setting by declaring that 'Man is the primary issue of the Church'; a papal announcement that is thoroughly in line with the Marxist principle that 'Man is an end in himself and the explanation of all things'..."27

From the Encyclical of 15 September 1981, on the subject of private property and capitalism:

"Christian tradition has never upheld the right of private property as absolute and untouchable. On the contrary, it has always understood the right as common to all to use the goods of the whole creation." This stands in direction contravention to papal teachings from Leo XIII to Pius XII.: "The Socialist endeavor to destroy private property, and maintain that the individual possessions should become the common property of all, to be administered by the State or by municipal bodies... It is unjust, because it would rob the legal possessor, bring the State in to a sphere that is not its own, and cause complete confusion to the community."

The Marxist
Karol Wojtyla, who worked as a laborer, (pictured in middle) acting
nonchalantly with shirt off for the photographer


"...During the first day of voting last Sunday, Wojtyla nonchalantly read a quarterly review of Marxist theory as the time-consuming balloting dragged on.

'Don't you think it's sacrilegious to bring Marxist literature into the Sistine Chapel?' joked a Cardinal. Wojtyla smiled, 'My conscience is clear.'..."29


As with Henry VIII's Oath of Succession forced upon English Catholics in 16th Century England, John Paul II has forced those wishing to partake of his "Indult" Mass to sign a pledge that they will not "call in question the legitimacy and doctrinal exactitude of the Roman Missal promulgated by 'Pope' Paul VI in 1970."

Pope St. Pius V
Pope Saint Pius V's Infallible Teaching on the Immemorial Mass
Contrary to what the Modernists holed up in Rome would like to have the Faithful believe; The Roman Latin Rite ("Tridentine") Mass was never (and can never be) abrogated as His Holiness Pope St. Pius V infallibly decreed on July 14, 1570 in perpetuity (for all time) in His famous Encyclical Quo Primum

"...Those who remain attached to incidental aspects of the Church which were more valid in the past but have now been superseded, cannot be considered the faithful."30 Pope Saint Pius V in his Bull, Quo Primum stated: "...we declare herewith that it is by virtue of our Apostolic authority that we decree and prescribe that this present order and decree of ours is to last in perpetuity, and never at a future date can it be revoked or amended legally... And if, nevertheless, anyone would dare attempt any action contrary to this order of ours, handed down for all times, let him know that he has incurred the wrath of Almighty God, and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." -ex cathedra

On 22 March 1984 John Paul II received in a private audience representatives of the Jewish-Masonic organization B'nai B'rith. He stated, all the while even naming the Savior: "Dear Friends: I am very happy to receive you in the Vatican... You are the league of the B'nai B'rith against defamation. You are also connected with the Commission for religious relations with Judaism, founded ten years ago by Paul VI, with the aim to foster good relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish community... The simple fact of your visit, which I appreciate, is in itself proof of the development and constant strengthening of those relations...the encounter between Catholics and jews is not one between two ancient religions that go their own way and that have known serious and sorrowful conflicts: it is a meeting between 'brothers', ... a dialogue between the first and second part of the Bible. And just as the two parts of the Bible are distinct, and closely related, so are the Jewish people and the Catholic Church... This mutual knowledge makes us discover even more what unites us in a greater solicitude for the human race, e.g. in the struggle against hunger, poverty, discrimination, everywhere it exists... Thank you again for coming here and for your involvement in dialogue and the aim it pursues. Let us acknowledge it before God, the Father of us all."31

Gelli [Master of the P2 Masonic lodge] was also a collector of interesting bits of knowledge and information, including, for example, photographs of Pope John Paul II completely nude next to his swimming pool."32

A photograph also appeared in an Italian scandal sheet of John Paul II on a beach with a young woman and an infant who looked surprisingly like Karol Wojtyla.

Karol Wojtyla's heretical Theology of the Body has been aptly termed: Repackaged Kabbalah

"Many millions of words have been written since the election of Karol Wojtyla in attempts to analyze and understand what kind of man he is. As can be seen, he is the kind of man who could allow men like Villot, Cody, Marcinkus, Mennini, de Strobel, de Bonis, and Poletti to remain in office. There can be no defense on the grounds of ignorance...."

It is a papacy of double standards: one for the pope and another for the rest of mankind. The papacy of John Paul II has been a triumph for the wheeler-dealers, for the corrupt, for the international thieves... While His Holiness has maintained a very highly publicized image, not unlike some endless rock 'n' roll tour, the men backstage are ensuring that it is business as usual. It is to be regretted that the severely moralizing speeches of His Holiness cannot, apparently, be heard backstage.

The Talmudic Cult Opus Dei
"Pope" John Paul II had his own in-house Masons: the secretive anti-Catholic cult known as Opus Dei

"...With the election of Wojtyla it was straight back to the values of Paul VI, with interest. With regard to the infiltration of the Vatican by Freemasons, for example, the Vatican, through the current pope, has now not only taken on board various Masons from various lodges but it has also acquired its own in-house version. Its name is Opus Dei (God's Work)." 33

True Catholic teaching regarding the Jews VS. [Antipope] John Paul II's heretical teachings:

"In his diocese of Mantua, On April 13, 1986 John Paul II before he became Pope, he became the first "Pope" in 2000 had prohibited the years to visit a Synagogue during celebration of a solemn worship services. John Paul kept mass on the king's his head bowed in reverent silence as birthday because the the Rabbis led a hymn which looked city council which forward to their messiah who was asked for it had attended still to come. a celebration in the synagogue." (Jewish Ency.)

In Lamentabili Sane, the "the encounter between ... Catholics Syllabus Condemning the and jews is not one between two Errors of the Modernists, ancient religions that go their own issued 3 July 1907 by the way and that have known serious Holy Office we find the and sorrowful conflicts: it is a following errors condemned: meeting between 'brothers', -... a dialogue between the first and 10. The inspiration of the second part of the Bible. And just as books of the Old Testament the two parts of the Bible are consists in this: The Israelite distinct, and closely related, so writers handed down are the Jewish people and the religious doctrines under Catholic Church... This mutual a peculiar aspect which knowledge makes us discover even was either little or not at more what unites us in a all known to the Gentiles. greater solicitude for the human race, e.g. in the struggle against 60. Christian hunger, poverty, discrimination, Doctrine was originally everywhere it exists... Thank you Judaic. Through again for coming here and for your successive evolutions it involvement in dialogue and the aim became first Pauline, it pursues. Let us acknowledge it then Joannine, finally before God, the Father of us Hellenic and universal. all."1

From Saint Cyprian: “Moses the Jews cursed because he proclaimed Christ. Dathan they loved because he did not proclaim Him. Aaron they rejected because he offered the image of Christ. Abiron they set up because he opposed Him. David they hated because he sang of Christ. Saul they magnified because he did not speak of Him. Samuel they cast out because he foretold of Christ. Cham they served because he said nothing of Christ. Jeremias they stoned because he was praising Christ. Ananias they loved while he was opposing Him. Isaias they sawed asunder shouting Christ’s glories. Manasses they glorified persecuting Christ. John they slew revealing Christ. Zachary they slaughtered loving Christ. And Judas they loved betraying Him.”

Pope Siri against the Imposter
Pope Siri (although always under surveillance) is shown openly confronting the fraud Karol Wojtyla
"Siri" repudiated the acts of Antipope John Paul II as an "idolatry of apostolic works." (Gary MacEonin, The Inner Elite, pg.234)

In the 1887 edition of the On the cover of the Winter 1991 Index Expurgatorius by issue of the American Jewish Pope Leo XIII "The Talmud Committee Journal, John Paul II is and other Jewish books" are shown smilingly accepting a copy of proscribed as follows: the Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud while making what appears to be "Although in the Index the Jewish sign made famous by issued by Pope Pius IV, "Mr. Spock" with his left hand;. the Jewish Talmud with which Leonard Nimoy has stated is a all its glossaries, secret Jewish sign made over those annotations, interpretations being Bar-Mitzvahed. and expositions were prohibited; but if published without the name Talmud and without its vile calumnies against the Christian religion they could be tolerated; however Our Holy Lord Pope, Clement VIII in his Constitution against impious writings and Jewish books, published in Rome in the year of Our Lord 1592 _proscribed and condemned them: it was not his intention thereby to permit or tolerate them even under the above conditions; for he expressly and specifically stated and willed, that the impious Talmudic, Cabalistic and other nefarious books of the Jews be entirely condemned and that they must remain always condemned and prohibited, and that his Constitution about these books must be perpetually and inviolably observed."

"Such a secular, earthbound ..."We trust that, with the approach state (Israel) could easily of the year 2000, Jerusalem will become the political and become the city of peace for the military power base for entire world and that all people will the Antichrist when he be able to meet there, in particular comes. For the Antichrist the believers in the religions that will be in perfect accord find their birthright in the faith of with the ideals of such a Abraham." (Parade) [...] About six weeks after Karol Wojtyla was presented on the Balcony of Saint Peter's as John Paul II, OGGI, the Italian Life magazine, displayed a cover story of John Paul II just before coming "Pope" with a female friend and a little boy who looks disturbingly like Wojtyla. The following are excerpts from the lengthly captions:

Karol Wojtyla a "Cardinal" in shorts?

"The man who looks smilingly at the photographer in the company of a woman has a very important name: Karol Wojtyla. at the time that these sensational pictures were taken, around 1975, he was Cardinal of Krakow. . . . with his female friend and a group of others, who will appear in the following pictures, he is about to start eating some snacks. . . . Wojtyla and his friend, who has the boy in her arms, a beautiful blond little boy, are seated on a blanket and are telling the little guy something that's making him laugh. This one, like the others of this exclusive report that we publish, is truly an unusual image for us Italians. . . . Cardinal Wojytla plays with the son of his female friend, in back of whom appears a second woman, the other person in the group that makes up the outing. .. "

On May 8, 1984 John Paul II presided, in Papua, New Guinea, over a "mass" in which the Epistle was read by a woman nude from the waste up. The original, uncensored picture is found in "Peter, Lovest Thou Me?" by Abbe., Daniel Le Roux. The "Pope: appeared, bishops and priests appeared to notice nothing out of the ordinary. (picture 22)

Violation of First Commandment
"Pope" John Paul II photographed in India being marked [cow dung is being applied to his forward]
with the sign of the adorers of the goddess Shiva (February 2, 1986 A.D.)

In 1986 while in India the Pope is seen smilingly being marked with the sign of the adorers of the goddess Shiva on the forehead, over the very spot where he was marked with the chrism to seal him for Jesus Christ. (picture 23A)

A meeting of the Trilateral Commission was held in the Vatican on April 18, 1983.



St. Michael
The missing portion of the original Saint Michael Prayer??

1. The missing portion of the original Saint Michael Prayer promulgated by Pope Leo XIII (from "The Raccolta", twelfth edition, Langdon, Burns, Oates and Washbourne, Ltd., 1935.): "In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered."

Where is this "holy place" mentioned in the prayer?... In Catholic parlance a 'holy place' is the holy Sepulchre, Calvary, the Cenacle, the temple site, Gethsemane, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Assumption, et cetera. Always the name of an exact and not a general geographical location. Pope Leo would know this. This 'Holy Place' is the 'Holy See'...a term used generally to indicate the Pope as Supreme Pontiff...The 'Holy See' is actually the Episcopal See of Rome. By 'Holy Place' Pope Leo is implying the general term. The Pontiff and his staff. The supreme Church hierarchy....There are dozens of Masonic-Jewish documents stating that their aim is to attain the papacy as impostors and use the Chair-Cathedral of Peter as a front for their 'transitional religion' to Judaism. 35

From the Venerable Anna Katarina Emmerich:

2. "I saw in Germany among world-wise ecclesiastics, and enlightened Protestants, plans formed for the blending of religious creeds, the suppression of Papal authority, the appointment of more superiors, the diminishing of expenses and number of ecclesiastics, etc., which projects found abettors in many of the Roman prelates."36

3. "They want to take from the shepherd his own pasture grounds! They want to fill his place with one who will hand all over to the enemy!" Then she shook her hand indignantly, crying out: "O ye German cheats! Wait awhile! you will not succeed! The Shepherd stands upon a rock! O ye priests! sleep, and the sheepfold is everywhere on fire! You do nothing! O how you will bewail this some day!"37

4. "I came to the Church of Peter and Paul (Rome) and saw a dark world of distress, confusion, and corruption, through which shone countless graces from thousands of saints who there repose."38

5. I saw the Holy Father surrounded by traitors and in great distress about the Church. He had visions and apparitions in his hour of greatest need. I saw many good pious Bishops; but they were weak and wavering, their cowardice often got the upper hand... Then I saw darkness spreading around and people no longer seeking the true Church."

6. "We must pray that the Pope may not leave Rome, for unheard-of-evils would result from such a step. We must pray to the Holy Ghost to enlighten him, for they are even now trying to exact something of him. The Protestant doctrine, as also that of the Greeks, is spreading everywhere... If the Pope leaves Rome, the enemies of the Church will get the upper hand...Religion is there so skillfully undermined and stifled that there are scarcely one hundred faithful priests... All must be rebuilt soon for everyone, even ecclesiastics are laboring to destroy - ruin is at hand..."39

7. "I see the Holy Father in great distress. He lives in another palace and receives only a few to his presence. If the wicked party know their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the black counterfeit church gaining ground, I see its fatal influence on the public. The distress of the Holy Father and of the Church is really so great that one ought to pray to God day and night. I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope... The people must pray earnestly for the extirpation (Rooting out, destruction) of the dark church."40

8. "I saw the fatal consequences of this counterfeit church: I saw it increase; I saw heretics of all kinds flocking to the city. I saw the ever-increasing tepidity of the clergy, the circle of darkness ever widening. And now the vision became more extended. I saw in all places Catholics oppressed, annoyed, restricted, and deprived of liberty, churches were closed, and great misery prevailed everywhere with war and bloodshed."41

9. "I saw several churches, or rather meeting-houses surmounted by weather-cocks, the congregations, disunited from the Church, running here and there like beggars hurrying to places where bread is distributed, having no connection with either the Church Triumphant or the Church Suffering. They were not in a regularly founded, living Church, one with the Church Militant, Suffering, and Triumphant, nor did they receive the Body of the Lord, but only bread. They who were in error through no fault of their own and who piously and ardently longed for the Body of Jesus Christ, were spiritually consoled, but not by their communion. They who habitually communicated without this ardent love received nothing;..."42

10. "They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions. All was made ready, many things finished; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise."43

11. "Again I saw in the midst of these disasters the twelve new Apostles laboring in different countries, unknown to one another, each receiving streams of living water from on high. They all did the same work. They know not whence they received their tasks; but as soon as one was finished, another was ready for them."44

12. "Ah! a pious, parish-priest has just died in Rome of old age! I received the general absolution with him! His soul went straight to purgatory, but he will very soon be released. We must pray for him. He was greatly attached to the Pope during whose captivity he did much good in secret. The Pope himself has not long to live... That good old priest was one of the twelve unknown Apostles whom I always see supporting the Church and of whom I have often spoke. He is the second that has died. There are now only ten; but I see others growing up. He was a friend and counselor of the Holy Father, but he would never give up his parish for a higher position."45

13. "I wish the time were here when the Pope dressed in red will reign. I see the Apostles, not those of the past, but the apostles of the last times, and it seems to me, the Pope is among them."46

St. Pius X
Pope St. Pius X's Prophetic Vision

14. Pope Saint Pius X declared: "Our enemies have on this been under no misapprehensions. From the outset, and with the greatest clearness of vision, they determined on their objective; first to separate you from Us and the Chair of Peter, and then to sow disorder among you."47

15. Pope Saint Pius X predicted: "I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren [predecessor Popes buried in Rome?]. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death. The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of sorrows which must take place before the end of the world."48

16. Scripture: "I [Paul] know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock." (Acts 20:29); For they will deliver you up in councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues." (Matt. 10:17); "They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God." (John 16:2). "I will smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered." (Mark 14:27).

17. The holy mystic, Sister Jeanne LeRoyer said: The Holy Father is most unhappy; because of him the whole Church is in desolation."49

18. "The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the Patriarch of an International Church."50

19."...If men do not refrain from offending God, another and more terrible war will begin...He is about to punish the world with war and hunger, and by the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father. To prevent this I shall come to ask that Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart... If my requests are granted, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, then Russia will spread her errors throughout the world causing wars and persecutions of the Church; the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will suffer much, certain nations will be annihilated. But in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and the world will enjoy an era of peace." - Our Lady of Fatima, 1917.

20. Some of those who worked for the Jews: The German Theologians Baum and Oesterreicher and Baum, both of the Jewish race, whose task was to "judaize the Christians", Fr. Klyber, who "brainwashed Christians in favor of the Jews"; and Cardinal Bea, who "in presenting his proposed decree in favor of the Jews and in opposition to the Evangelists, concealed from the Council Fathers that he was repeating the theses which had been suggested to him by the Masonic order of the B'nai B'rith". Bea himself is said to be of Jewish origin. (information from Judaism and the Vatican, Poncins, p. 161)

21. Blessed Anna-Katarina Emmerick in her vision of 27 September 1820 states:

"I saw deplorable things: they were gambling, drinking, and talking in church; they were also courting women. All sorts of abominations were perpetrated there. Priests allowed everything and said Mass with much irreverence. I saw that few of them were still godly, and only a few had sound views on things. I also saw Jews standing under the porch of the Church. All these things caused me much distress." (Catholic Prophecy, p. 66)

22. St. Anthony of the Desert (4th Century) [Disquisition CXIV] declares:

"Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, Faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems. When the Church and the World are one, then those days are at hand. Because our Divine Master placed a barrier between His things and the things of the world." (Quoted in Voice of Fatima, 23 January 1968)

Our Lady of Good Fortune
Our Lady of Good Fortune (Good Success) said:
"...the Church will go through a dark night for lack of a Prelate and Father to watch over it..."

23. Our Lady of Good Fortune appeared to Mother Mary Anne of Jesus Torres, in Quito, Ecuador, on February 2, 1634, with the child Jesus on her left arm and the scepter in her right hand. At her appearance the sanctuary light went out, which Our Lady stated had five meanings. Those having to do with the eclipse of the Church and the lack of a Pope in our century are:

"First meaning: at the end of the 19th century and for a large part of the 20th, various heresies will flourish on this earth which will have become a free republic. The precious light of the Faith will go out in souls because of the almost total moral corruption: in those times there will be great physical and moral calamities, in private and in public. The little number of souls keeping the Faith and practicing the virtues will undergo cruel and unspeakable sufferings...

The third meaning of the lamp's going out is that in those times, the air will be filled with the spirit of impurity which like a deluge of filth will flood the streets, squares and public places. The licentiousness will be such that there will be no more virgin souls in the world.

A fourth meaning is that by having gained control of all the social classes, the sects will tend to penetrate with great skill into the heart of families and destroy even the children. The devil will take glory in feeding perfidiously on the hearts of children. The innocence of childhood will almost disappear. Thus priestly vocations will be lost, it will be a real disaster. Priests will abandon their sacred duties and will depart from the path marked out for them by God. Then the Church will go through a dark night for lack of a Prelate and Father to watch over it with love, gentleness, strength and prudence, and numbers of priests will lose the spirit of God, thus placing their souls in great danger.

Pray constantly, cry out unwearyingly and weep unceasingly with bitter tears in the depths of your heart asking Our Father in Heaven, for love of the Eucharistic Heart of My Most Holy Son, for His Precious Blood, so generously shed for the profound bitterness and sufferings of His Passion and death, that He have pity on His ministers and that He put an end to such fatal times, by sending to His Church the Prelate who will restore the spirit of His priests.



The Plan

Zionist Symbol
The Hexagram
"The HEXAGRAM" [Magen David 6-pointed star] was adopted by the Zionist Organization at the
First Zionist Congress in 1897."
(Cavendish, p. 1300) It has no connection to Judaism practiced before Christ.

The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem has been a perennial goal of the Freemasons to prepare the proper staging area for the unveiling of their "messiah". But Freemasons have correctly recognized, for two centuries, that the one stumbling block to their temple project has not been the crazed and perpetually fragmented Mohammedans, but the Roman Papacy. On pages 823-824 of his Morals and Dogma (1871), Albert Pike revealed: "Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars, and therefore wrote to the Free-Masons of London that the time had come to begin the work or re-building the Temple of the Eternal...A lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, the fanatic of Geneva, became the center of the revolutionary movement in France... The secret movers of the revolutionary movement in France... The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques deMolay. When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done; and thenceforward the Army of the temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope."

"The fight taking place against Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death, ceaseless and merciless," so stated the Bulletin of the Grand Orient of France, 1892, on page 183.

But how was this war to be carried out, and to what purpose, since history reveals that all past attempts to wipe out the Church by physical attacks have miserably failed? The Masonic Brother Bethmont, member of the French Parliament, glibly boasted to Bishop Pie of Poitiers in 1878: "...Violence against the Church leads nowhere; we shall use other means. We shall organize a persecution which shall be both clever and legal; we shall surround the church with a network of laws, decrees and ordinances which will stifle it without shedding one drop of blood." (Papacy and Freemasonry, Msgr. Jouin, 1955, pp. 23-24)

The Report of the Masonic International Congress held in Brussels, in 1904, declared: To fight against the Papacy is a social necessity and constitutes the constant duty of Freemasons." This confirms the encyclical Humanum Genus (1884) of Pope Leo XIII from which we learn that the Papacy is the ultimate target of those who conspire to destroy the Church at her foundation: "...the Sect's purpose is to reduce to naught the teaching and authority of the Church among the civilian population.... The enmity of the sectarians against the Apostolic See of the Roman Pontiff has increased its intensity... until now the evil doers have reached the aim which had, for a long time that of their evil designs, namely, their proclamation that the moment has come to suppress the Roman Pontiff's sacred power and to completely destroy this Papacy which was divinely instituted." If the Roman Pontiff's sacred power was to be "suppressed" and the Papacy "completely destroy[ed]", but, as earlier qualified, "without shedding one drop of blood," how was this evil work to be accomplished, and to what end? As the enemy surely knew that "the Faith is watered by the blood of the martyrs," a plan to remove the Pope without killing the Pope (so as to make way for a false authority under Anti-Christ) was being finalized during the 1930s. It was discussed in a secret meeting of the Jewish Masonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith in Paris, and was reported by the London Catholic Gazette of February, 1936, and the Parisian weekly, Le Revell du Peuple, from which I quote in part: 'Let us remember that as long as there still remain active enemies of the Catholic Church, we may hope to become Masters of the World...[nevertheless] the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before the Pope in Rome is dethroned as well as all the other reigning Monarchs of the Gentiles upon earth."51

In the text above is mentioned the threat to use an atomic or hydrogen bomb against Siri and Rome if he should not go along with the plans of the conspirators. Regarding the Soviet, Bnai Brith, and American threats to use the atomic bomb on the Church (and the 1958 conclave) a verification of this plan is taken from The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, pp. 70-71:

"How sincere they are about a nuclear-free world, however, is unfortunately well-demonstrated within the pages of the very same Alice Bailey book [The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 191]:

"The atomic bomb (although used only twice destructively) ended the resistance of the powers of evil because of its potency is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at this time:

"a. As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilizations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilisation, thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram [will-to- good, Shamballa (force, violence) energies], working in conjunction with a fifth ray group [scientific workers]; from the long-range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.

"b. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present -- the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada. It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head). It does not essentially matter whether that aggression is the gesture of any particular nation or group of nations or whether it is generated by political groups of any powerful religious organization, SUCH AS THE CHURCH OF ROME (emphasis added Wm.), who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to the business for which all religions are responsible -- leading human beings closer to the God of Love." (ibid., p. 548)

The threat to bomb the Vatican was also evident in the American bombing of Rome, which Adolf Hitler declared an Open City, and the object lesson of the destruction of Monte Cassino (which showed what the Allies were capable of doing to the Church and Vatican).

Carlos Vazquez Rangel, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Masons of Mexico, has publicly supported long-held suspicions that Roncalli and Montini were not just "fellow travelers" of the Freemasons. In an interview with the political weekly Processo in 1993 Vazquez stated that "within the eight city blocks that make up the Vatican State no fewer than four Scottish Rite lodges are functioning. Many of the highest Vatican officials are Masons and in certain countries where the Church is not allowed to operate, it is the lodges that carry on Vatican affairs, clandestinely."

Vazquez claimed that the effort to mitigate the "church's" penalties for Masonic membership, championed by the late Archbishop Mendez Arceo of Cuenavaca, also a Freemason, eventually came to fruition because of the early cooperation of John XXIII and Paul VI who had both became Masons years before their respective usurpations of the Chair of Peter: "On the same day, in Paris the profane Angelo Roncalli and the profane Giovanni Montini were initiated into the august mysteries of the Brotherhood. Thus it was that much that was achieved at the Council was based on Masonic principles."

Nubius (Piccolo Tigre) in his infamous Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita of 1846 stated: "The Pope, whoever he may be, will never come to the secret societies. It is for the secret societies to come first to the Church, in the resolve to conquer the two. The work which we have undertaken is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor of a year. It may last many years, a century perhaps, but in our ranks the soldier dies and the fight continues. We do not mean to win the Popes to our cause, to make them neophytes of our principles, and propagators or our ideas. That would be a ridiculous dream, no matter in what manner events may turn. Should cardinals or prelates, for example, enter, willingly or by some surprise, in some manner, into a part of our secret, it would be by no means a motive to desire their elevation to the See of Peter. That elevation would destroy us. Ambition alone would bring them to apostasy from us. The needs of power would force them to immolate us. That which we ought to demand, that which we should seek and expect, as the Jews expected the Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. Alexander VI, with all his private crimes, would not suit us, for he never erred in religious matters. Clement XIV, on the contrary, would suit us from head to foot. Borgia [Alexander VI] was a libertine, a true sensualist of the eighteenth century strayed into the fifteenth. He has been anathematized, notwithstanding his vices, by all the voices of philosophy and incredulity, and he owes that anathema to the vigor with which he defended the church. Ganganelli [Clement XIV] gave himself over, bound hand and foot, to the ministers of the Bourbons, who made him afraid, and to the incredulous who celebrated his tolerance and Ganganelli has become a very great Pope. He is almost in the same condition that it is necessary that we find another, if that be possible. With that we should march more surely to the attack upon the Church than with the pamphlets of our brethren in France, or even with the gold of England."52

Cardinal Siri, a prelate of great renown as a negotiator and peace maker between labor and management, evidently fit the Masons' needs to the letter. Moments after his unanimous election of 26 October 1958, Siri was persuaded in a most brutal fashion to "step aside" in a forced papal "abdication", known by all present to be completely invalid. Masonic cardinals had even voted for him, to insure his election and acceptance of office, only to demand his immediate resignation five minutes later, by threatening to annihilate the Church. They then offered "peaceful coexistence" between the Church and her persecutors if a "compromise" candidate could be found as a "caretaker pope." The conclave had been vitiated, and two days later, the caretaker turned out to the Angelo Roncalli, a mouthpiece for the Masonic agenda who was sought by the forces of Antichrist to head the Church, not as Pope but as antipope. In this way, they hoped to perpetuate a death grip on the Church's structures with a succession of figureheads devoid of any guidance by the Holy Ghost. For only by subjugating a true pope who was unknown to the outside world and "replacing" him with a false shepherd could the Freemasons arrive at the total realization of their goal. The true Pope, who vainly hoped to prevent a catastrophe for the Church by delaying his public claim to office, brought about something far worse instead. For as long as he lived, his very existence prevented the election of another true Pope. He was mocked as his election was repeated, and again suppressed at 3 successive conclaves.

The "caretaker" Roncalli paved the way for the destroyer Montini who had been banished in disgrace to Milan without the red hat by Pope Pius XII in 1954. The reason for his ouster was reported in Il Borghese and SI SI NO NO. An ally of Stalin and Togliatti, Montini was discovered to have passed information to the Soviets concerning the names of bishops who were secretly sent into Eastern Europe and Russia to minister to the "Church of Silence", causing them to be arrested and executed. The betrayer Montini would later attempt to "officially" "ratify" and "impose" the heretical Second Vatican Council documents upon the faithful, as would only have been possible by an antipope.

Most Catholics today, simply cannot comprehend why or how such a crime could have been so successfully carried out almost undetected by the outside world, with the active participation of high princes of the Church, over the span of a generation, as alleged by the "Siri thesis". Surely such a long, drawn-out conspiracy would be beyond the ability of even the most evil of men. But 130 years ago, Pope Pius IX explained that: "If one takes into consideration the immense development which [the]... secret societies have attained; the length of time they are persevering in their vigor; their furious aggressiveness; the tenacity with which their members cling to the association and to the false principles it professes; the persevering mutual cooperation of so many different types of men in the promotion of evil; one can hardly deny that the SUPREME ARCHITECT of these associations (seeing that the cause must be proportional to the effect) can be none other than he who in the sacred writings is style the PRINCE OF THE WORLD; and that Satan himself even by his physical cooperation, directs and inspires at least the leaders of these bodies physically cooperating with them." ("Acta Sancta Sedis", v. 1, p. 293, 13 July 1865.)

Fr. Denis Fahey, in his preface to the "new and revised edition" of Mgr. Dillon's The War of Antichrist With The Church And Christian Civilization, 1885, re-titled as Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked As The Secret Power Behind Communism, Christian Book Club, Palmdale, CA, states:


In a note on page 20 Of the original edition, Mgr. Dillon returned to the question of the direction of Freemasonry, which he had mentioned in his preface. He there says: "The Jewish connection with modern Freemasonry is an established fact everywhere manifested in its history. The Jewish formulas employed by Freemasonry, the Jewish traditions which run through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin, or to the work of Jewish contrivers. . . . Who knows but behind the Atheism and desire of gain which impels them to urge on "Christians" to persecute the Church and destroy it, there lies a hidden hope to reconstruct their Temple, and in the darkest depths of se-cret society plotting there lurks a deeper society still which looks to a return to the land of Judah and to the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem?"

These remarks can furnish the starting point for a examination of the whole question of secret societies and their action, studied in the light of the Encyclicals of the Sovereign Pontiffs, and of history. 53 9 [END]

(Note: the Footnotes section follows an *important note from the webmaster)


*Important Additional Note from the Webmaster: Fr. Khoat, the important priest that met with "Cardinal Siri" (a.k.a Pope Gregory XVII) in 1988 A.D., - on May 20th 2006 A.D., in Corpus Christi, TX, on the 100th anniversary of the birthday of "Siri", publically confirmed (on video tape) that Pope Gregory XVII did appoint Cardinals before his Holiness (Pope Gregory XVII's) mysterious death on May 2nd, 1989 A.D. Fr. Khoat clarified that there are today (May 2006 A.D.) true Cardinals that were appointed by Pope Gregory XVII still living (the underground Church).

"The selection of the true Pope, according to the prophets, will be: a) almost miraculous; b) soon after the terrible war and revolutions; c) the selectors will assemble under many difficulties; d) some prophets foretell the intervention of Saints Peter and Paul and angels..."
-Fr. Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times 1941 A.D. (Imprimatur)

Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi
Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi (19th Century) Three days of 
darkness St. 
Peter St. Paul Designate a new 
Pope A great light will 
flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. China will come 
into the Church
Blessed Anna- Maria Taigi (19th Century) After the Three Days of Darkness St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and... Designate a new Pope A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope Russia, England, and China will come into the Church

"After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm. At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth. Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church." (Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837 A.D.) who was Beatified by Pope Bendedict XV in 1920)



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